LogicMonitor, a hybrid cloud SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for enterprises, recently surveyed more than 135 cloud professionals at AWS re:Invent to know about how enterprises are managing their data centers and cloud. The insights from the survey showed that more than half of the respondents for the public cloud are using multiple cloud platforms. The survey also showed the adoption of hybrid cloud is close to 11 percent that combines both on-premises and public cloud.

Steve Francis of LogicMonitor, Founder and Chief Evangelist said in the statement that “Adopting a single public cloud might seem like a good option but in reality, enterprises are going in for multiple clouds. The mix of cloud and on-preemies data centers increased the complexity of management.”

The rapid shift from on-premise data environment to cloud-based data environment is seemingly becoming a new path for the enterprises that want to adopt modern tech- Analytics and Machine Learning. By the year 2020, we expect the on-premise environment to drop from 46 to 25 percent. The adoption of the public cloud will increase from 44 to 67 percent.  The acceptance of the hybrid cloud has increased from 11 to 12 percent.

Majority of the enterprises are using the major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


1. AWS: 81 percent

2. Azure: 28 percent

3. Google Cloud Platform: 13 percent


1. Google Cloud platform: 26 percent

2. Azure: 19 percent

3. AWS: 16 percent


1. AWS: 97 percent

2. Azure: 47 percent

3. Google Cloud Platform: 39 percent

Cloud is a disruptive technology platform that leverages the different types of technologies, making the enterprise’s data more valuable than just numbers. Cloud technology makes the enterprises scalable without complete investment and transformation in modern technology.