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Clever EnergyTM

Clever EnergyTM

Published By: Research Desk Released: Jun 28, 2022

As per various energy council reports, commercial buildings consume nearly 40% of the world’s energy and emit one-third of greenhouse gases (GHG) with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration loads being the primary sources of energy consumption. Similarly, the industrial sector uses more delivered energy and renewable energy sources than any other end-user, consuming about 54% of the world’s total delivered energy.

The use of cognitive technologies in energy management is becoming mainstream in the current digital era. This is enabling enterprises to harness the power of IoT, edge and AI-based analytcs to reduce their energy consumption and wastage, and drive operational efficiencies to reach their carbon neutral goals without significant new investments.

TCS Clever Energy provides a comprehensive platform covering multiple energy functions of an organization. This includes heating and cooling, process energy optimization, demand response, intelligent tariff management and carbon management. It also has an intelligent end-to-end architecture that supports integration of heterogeneous systems and assets like smart meters and sensors, building management/automation systems (BMS), programmable logic controller/supervisory control and data acquisition (PLC/SCADA) systems across the enterprise. Its in-built digital twin setup and AI-ML-based data models with augmented intelligence provides an integrated energy view, enabling organizations to take informed decisions through predictive analytics and achieve energy and cost efficiency.