• ChatGPT’s flexible capabilities in natural language processing enable seamless interaction with SQL tables.
  • ChatGPT, especially with ChatGPT Vision, helps you understand pictures, equations, graphs, and charts. This makes it easier to analyze visual information, giving you new ways to discover insights from images and other visual data.

Are you overlooking the significance of data analysis for your business, or are you finding navigating through vast datasets and dedicating substantial hours to analysis less fruitful? Let me show you something interesting.

Below are a few stats according to Deloitte’s report, titled “The Analytics Advantage,” based on a survey of companies:

  • 49% of participants see analytics as essential for better decision-making.
  • 16% believe that analytics significantly supports key strategic initiatives.
  • 10% think analytics helps improve relationships with customers and business partners.

Not only this, as per the McKinsey Global Institute, organizations that leverage data are not only 23 times more likely to attract customers, but they are also six times as likely to retain customers and have a 19 times higher likelihood of being profitable!

To unlock the full potential of data and analytics, it is crucial to explore avenues for extracting maximum value from your data. ChatGPT for data analysis leverages advanced language skills to unveil hidden patterns and trends.

In doing this, ChatGPT enhances the depth of your data analysis, offering insights that have the potential to reshape and refine your strategic decision-making processes.

Whether uncovering hidden insights or gaining a deeper understanding of your data, ChatGPT empowers you to derive unparalleled value from your data assets, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your analytical endeavors.

In this blog post, discover how ChatGPT can elevate your data exploration and redefine your business strategies.

How to Use ChatGPT for Data Analysis

Data analysis is essential for informed decision-making in business, research, and everyday life. ChatGPT, especially with ChatGPT Vision, makes data analysis easier by helping users understand images, equations, graphs, and charts. This capability extends the possibilities for extracting valuable insights from visual data, contributing to heightened sophistication in data analysis and attaining revenue growth.

Let’s start with using the ChatGPT for data analysis:

  • Data collection and structuring

ChatGPT makes working with data easier by allowing users to converse about it. This improves the process of collecting data and helps organize information in different formats in a structured way.

Prompt: Provide sales data for electric cars and scooters from January to December in a table using “your data.”

How to use ChatGPT for data analysis

This exemplifies the effectiveness of ChatGPT in data analysis, particularly in the aspects of data collection and structuring.

  • Analyze sales trend

Leveraging the ChatGPT Vision feature, users can scrutinize visual representations such as graphs and charts relevant to sales data. In the absence of this feature, we will explore a normal example showcasing ChatGPT’s prowess in analyzing sales trends.

Prompt: Examine the sales patterns of electric cars and motors throughout the year using “your data.”

(Note:  I have put the same data mentioned earlier into ChatGPT)

The outcomes indicate:

ChatGpt data analysis

This showcases the proficiency of ChatGPT in data analysis, especially when delving into the examination of trends in sales.

  • SQL table

The natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT make it a flexible tool for engaging with SQL tables. This empowers users to execute actions like querying, modifying data, and comprehending table structures in a manner that is both intuitive and easily accessible.

Prompt: Display the SQL table and note the count of customers from the USA using “your data.”

My data:

ID Name Age Salary City Country
1 Johny 32 2000 Maryland USA
2 Prince 40 5000 New York USA
3 Ella 45 4500 Muscat Muscat
4 Suzen 25 2500 Kolkata India
5 Oliver 29 3500 Bhopal India
6 Roma 38 3500 Washington USA
7 Diana 25 3500 Delhi India

ChatGPT will first generate a query to construct an SQL table using this data.

Chatgpt data analysis

After running the query, ChatGPT will form the below results:

USA customer data

Hence, we get the exact details of customers from the USA.

The ChatGPT Vision feature allows non-technical managers to execute queries on various relational tables and address complex inquiries. This is how ChatGPT for data analysis works.

  • Evaluation

let’s consider a generic classification report for a product classification model. Suppose we have a model that classifies products into two categories: “Electronics” and “Clothing.”

Prompt: Can you explain the results based on the classification report of  “Provide your data.”

My data:

Precision Recall f1-score Support
Electronics 0.75 0.80 0.77 500
Clothing 0.82 0.78 0.80 600
accuracy 0.79 1100
macro avg 0.79 0.79 0.79 1100
weighted avg 0.79 0.79 0.79 1100

The ChatGPT will give you below comprehensive result:

Chatgpt results

Chatgpt results continued

The above insights derived from complex data can readily aid both emerging businesses and seasoned professionals in making well-informed decisions for future success.

  • Equation

ChatGPT can offer concise explanations regarding Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) principles, aiding users in comprehending the mathematical concepts and the importance of the U, Σ, and V matrices.

Prompt: Can you explain the Singular Value Decomposition using this equation

          “R(s,a,s′)=if s′ is the goal state, then 100, else −1 ”

Singular Value Decomposition Chatgpt

Here, an intriguing aspect is that, despite ChatGPT’s inability to execute code or conduct computations, it continues to be an invaluable asset for fostering conceptual understanding. It guides and addresses issues related to Singular Value Decomposition.

  • To create a business plan

ChatGPT is a dynamic resource in the business plan development process. It offers users insightful support to transform conceptual visions into actionable and well-documented strategies.

Prompt: Can you create a business plan by analyzing sales patterns and suggesting marketing strategies to boost sales during periods of lower performance?

Chatgpt results snapshot

Chatgpt results snapshot continued

Ensure to customize the provided framework to align with the unique characteristics of your business. While ChatGPT provides valuable assistance, it is essential to validate its information to ensure alignment with real-world data and industry standards.

Explore prompts of ChatGPT for data analysis and formulate successful business plans:

  • Provide insights into enhancing supply chain efficiency to address concerns related to delivery timelines.
  • Suggest approaches to mitigate concerns raised in customer feedback regarding product pricing.
  • Based on customer reviews, recommend strategies to reinforce the resilience and durability of products.
  • Propose the establishment of a comprehensive feedback ecosystem for advancing customer engagement.
  • Propose viable options to address customer apprehensions regarding product pricing.

Remember to specify your requirements clearly in the prompts, and feel free to customize them based on the specific analysis or insights while you use ChatGPT for data analysis.


ChatGPT for data science and data analysis in Python works well. Furthermore, with its robust visual interpretation capabilities, it serves as a pivotal companion for professionals in research and related fields. This versatile tool not only meets the diverse needs of data experts but also empowers individuals without technical backgrounds to navigate visual data efficiently. ChatGPT accelerates the transition from raw data to actionable insights by eliminating the need for manual analysis.

Beyond chatGPT for data analysis, ChatGPT Vision is continually evolving, promising a revolutionary advancement in comprehending data on the horizon. The emergence of ChatGPT Vision has the potential to redefine traditional approaches to working with data, presenting a transformative shift beyond the constraints of technical expertise. With these evolving capabilities, the future envisions a more intuitive, efficient, and accessible interaction with data across a broader spectrum of professionals.

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