A1 Medical Imaging, a healthcare company, announced being an integral part of developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) software products designed for the Medical Diagnostic Imaging Industry. Chief Operating Officer of A1 Medical Imaging Marilyn Radakovi, RN, made the announcement.

The program will be led by Consolidated Healthcare Services (CHS), under CEO Peter Solodko. CHS will be providing administrative management services for all the A1 Medical Imaging clinics.

The company is keen on using artificial intelligence (AI) as the technology can extract meaningful information from raw material. The CHS project activity also involves analyzing and obtaining relevant information from the data pool to develop predictive modeling. A1 Medical Imaging has stored imaging data to facilitate and expedite this development process easily.

The project aims at developing a suite of AI software products that will play a major role in enhancing the identification of abnormalities within patients. The suite consists of products that would help improvize image outcomes, report findings, and back-office systems.

“A1 Medical Imaging has been in business since 2008 and has multiple imaging centers in Florida and Georgia,” Marilyn Radakovic said. “We have an enormous amount of imaging data to be scrutinized.”

“Utilizing A1 Medical Imaging’s data is exactly what’s needed to make this venture viable,” Peter Solodko added. “If not for that, the success of this project would be severely challenged.”

The program is about to line up and has started identifying its key contributors, including CHS managing the project, A1 Medical Imaging with its large volume of data, and skilled software developers highly knowledgeable about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Solodko went on to add, “Our management group has been providing administrative services to the medical diagnostic imaging industry since 2004. We have the essential knowledge to manage this project. By combining with the programming skills of the software developers, and the mountain of data from A1 Medical Imaging, we have all the necessary ingredients to make this vision a reality.”