According to the Ponemon report around 75 percent of health care providers have admitted that either they are understaffed for threats or they don’t have a plan to deal with the threats.  The healthcare security picture hasn’t been great over the course of technological development. The 2017 report by healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force had stated that almost 3 out of every 4 healthcare institutions operate without the security expert. The healthcare providers will have to be creative when dealing with different security threats; many providers have combined their cybersecurity needs and hired a Chief Information Security officer that can help them to deal with various data security situations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation can be one of the solutions that can be inducted in the healthcare process, channelizing many of the repetitive processes that can result in errors. The healthcare industry needs to understand that all the problems cannot be solved by introducing new technology though they can be diminished.

AI automation will introduce further tasks of technology management; according to report 76 percent of the Security experts do believe that AI tools will further complicate the process. The need for skilled security staff that can help in managing the tools and future automation tools will be required. A team of Security experts that can work for the number of healthcare providers can reduce the staffing cost. AI has been termed as a solution for many security challenges, for the majority of the providers the challenge remains with deployment and up-gradation.