• Jurassic-2, like Jurassic-1, will be offered through AI21 Studio, an NLP-as-a-Service developer platform, and will come in three sizes: Large, Grande, and Jumbo, each with a unique instruction-tuned version.
  • In addition to Jurassic-2, AI21 Labs is also releasing five brand-new commercial APIs, each of which is available separately and can be used for various tasks like grammar checking and article summaries.

For businesses looking to develop sophisticated, chat-based AI applications at scale, generative artificial intelligence research lab AI21 Labs Ltd. has released Jurassic-2, which it claims is the most customizable large language model in the world.

A business and an AI research facility, Ai21 Labs provides its natural language processing capabilities as a service. In order to further this goal, the company has developed several helpful NLP applications based on Jurassic-1, its original language model that was released in 2021. The company’s mission is to change and shape how people read and write by making AI a “thought partner” to humans.

Wordtune, an AI-powered writing assistant that can comprehend content and meaning to assist people in expressing their ideas more transparently and compellingly, is one of its applications. Wordtune Read is another tool that can quickly analyze lengthy documents and produce a simplified summary. Users can read and comprehend lengthy and complex texts more rapidly and effectively.

Jurassic-1 has also been utilized by many businesses, such as the video game development platform Latitude.io, which scales the creation of its gaming worlds using generative AI, and the youth employment accelerator Harambee, which developed a custom chatbot to boost enrollment in its initiatives.

Based on Jurassic-1, AI21 Labs has also created its own chatbots. These include the amusing “Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg” AI, which was trained on more than 27 years of public interviews, speeches, and written texts by the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The popularity of OpenAI LLC’s popular chatbot ChatGPT has recently raised awareness of generative AI, and there is great excitement about its potential applications in fields like search. Because of ChatGPT’s enormous success and close relationship with Microsoft Corp., OpenAI is widely regarded as the industry pioneer in generative AI.

However, analysts claim that AI21 Labs’ Jurassic models are a competitive alternative to the GPT-3 model that drives ChatGPT and that the company has attracted some sizeable funding of its own. For instance, Jurassic-2 performs exceptionally well when compared to other commercially available LLMs, according to a Stanford University comparison study.

Udi Karpas, Squad director at AI21 Labs Studio, told a leading media house, “Our largest model, Jurassic-2 Jumbo, is second to OpenAI’s models, with additional smaller models of ours being in the same league as DaVinci 2 and amp; 3, for example. Jurassic-2 Grande also outperforms many competitor models despite its smaller size.”

With the release of Jurassic-2, AI21 Labs is providing its clients with a more sophisticated baseline model that includes dozens of new features that should enable the development of even more advanced chatbots. For example, it is claimed to have more sophisticated instruction-following capabilities that are made possible by thorough instruction tuning on proprietary data. Additionally, it has fewer latency issues, with response times up to 30% faster than Jurassic-1, and it supports more languages with new additions like Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

With Jurassic-2, AI21 Labs offered five additional APIs for commercial usage based on the new paradigm. These include Paraphrase, which may rewrite up to a whole paragraph of text in the user’s preferred manner; Summarize, which provides a comprehensive summary of long-form publications; Text Suggestions, which suggests enhancements to any given text, such as enhancing the vocabulary. Grammatical error correction, which checks for grammatical problems, and Text Segmentation, which divides lengthy texts into relevant chunks depending on their themes.

According to Karpas, although Jurassic-2 and GPT-3 are similar in many ways, Jurassic-2 excels at reading and writing tasks like text completion, text generation, and summarization. Karpas shared, “Jurassic-2 can support any application which is text-centric. Examples of products currently supported include gaming, writing assistants, product descriptions in e-commerce and more.”

AI21 Labs stated that Jurassic-2 would be made accessible as a developer platform for NLP-as-a-service through AI21 Studio in three sizes. According to the startup, developers can use Jurassic-2 to build text-based applications like chatbots, virtual assistants, tools for content moderation and text simplification, writing assistants, and more.

The company further stated that custom models would cost the same as basic ones, and Jurassic-2 will also be 10% less expensive for current customers than its predecessor.

According to Andy Thurai, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research Inc., Jurassic-2 stands out for a number of reasons, including the fact that even though its parameters are only marginally higher than those of rival LLMs like GPT-3, its vocabulary is five times larger, making it significantly more accurate in providing language solutions to customers. Jurassic-2 is very cost-competitive, he added, adding that.

Thurai explained, “AI21’s NLP-as-a-service developer platform will be offered in three sizes – large, grande and jumbo — providing customers with more flexibility regarding costs and capabilities, so they can choose according to their needs. Cost, latency and results will vary based on the model used. The other LLMs, including GPT-3, provide only a one-size-fits-all model. So the costs and latency are fixed and not variable.”

When Jurassic-1 was first released, co-founder and co-Chief Executive Ori Goshen claimed that his company was the first to offer open access to LLMs without a waiting list, enabling anyone to create text-based generative AI applications. Ori Goshen added, “The Jurassic-2 family of models represents the next leap forward and will enable developers and organizations to build text-based applications, faster, with state-of-the-art performance at a fraction of the cost.”