• The AI Copilot strengthens Aisera’s Service Experience Platform, which automates crucial customer experience, employee service desk, and IT support processes.
  • Aisera AI Copilot’s primary benefit is its ability to instantly analyse requests made through multiple channels, including email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Aisera Inc., a wealthy startup that offers businesses artificial intelligence tools to improve employee and customer experiences, announced recently that it is teaming up with Microsoft Corp. to provide an innovative AI copilot for business service experiences.

Enterprise customer service teams will be able to use the AI Copilot, according to Aisera, to increase proactive user engagement and productivity, improve self-service while reducing resolution times, and provide better customer personalization.

Aisera’s Service Experience Platform, which supports the automation of critical customer experience, employee service desk, and IT support processes, is strengthened by the AI Copilot. Aisera powers virtual agents that can manage a variety of requests.

For instance, if a worker’s company-issued smartphone isn’t working correctly, they can use Aisera to request a replacement or a fix, and it will outline their options. Regarding customer service, it can help with queries regarding order tracking, returns, and refunds. Operators can use it for various IT support tasks, including looking into the causes of application outages.

The introduction of its AI Copilot expands on Aisera’s existing use of several Microsoft AI services through the Azure OpenAI Service by integrating the most recent generative AI and ChatGPT features. The company claimed that, as a result, customers and employees would both gain from more intelligent service interactions, smoother interactions, and more satisfying resolutions. The company promised that it would assist businesses in better handling service requests at a time when many need help with constrained funding and resources.

According to Vice President and Principal Analyst Andy Thurai of Constellation Research Inc., its primary benefit is Aisera AI Copilot’s real-time analysis of multi-channel requests made through email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. He clarified that generative AI allows it to comprehend requests made in natural language more accurately than Aisera’s current chatbot technology.

Thurai said, “It can read the message and propose an auto resolution to almost any request, resolving matters around technical support, customer support, application provisioning and other employee requests. In cases where the resolution doesn’t work or isn’t satisfactory, AI Copilot can then escalate to a human agent or create a ticket based on choice. The result will be faster resolutions and reduced support costs. Another advantage is it can support wide variety of ticketing systems, such as ServiceNow, Zendesk, Jira and Salesforce.”

The company’s service is available through a variety of out-of-the-box Enterprise Domain Packs, which allow access to trained and niche-specific large language models that can be readily deployed, making them ideal for organizations that need to function with AI rapidly. Aisera’s AI workflow orchestration engine, which starts automated processes in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure Active Directory, is available to different businesses.

Even though Aisera can undoubtedly help increase the effectiveness of service interactions, Thurai still cautioned businesses to consider implementing the technology. “Care must be taken to ensure the proper security, governance and compliance is in place when deploying these solutions, as they’re not mature yet. While it’s tempting to rush the deployment and gain first-mover advantage, cutting corners could cause long-term damage that negates whatever short-term advantage they might gain” an analyst warned.