• Akkio will be offering organizations various options for connecting educating models and obtaining insights.
  • Akkio also introduced a time series model to control collections of observations in chronological order that would surface data patterns over time and predict likely future outcomes.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, headquartered Akkio, a simple, visual, easy-to-use platform that helps organizations build and deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI)) in minutes, announced notable product improvements, including integration with major data platforms. Akkio claims to offer a no-code platform.

The performance of an AI model depends completely on the data it has been trained on. However,  organizations today rely on different sources and applications for different data points. This makes model training quite a difficult task. As a solution, Akkio is offering organizations various options to connect to for educating models and obtaining insights, including Google BigQuery, Airtable, Snowflake, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Google Sheets.

Features for data preparation, anomaly detection

Akkio’s platform not only offers integration with a swath of data sources but presents capabilities that can help enterprises prepare their data better to obtain accurate model results and identify anomalies in those models.

For the former, Akkio said it has introduced filtering and merging capabilities that will allow companies to segregate unnecessary data rows and match records without any help of unique IDs. Meanwhile, the latter offers custom models that can detect anomalies in data, allowing preventative maintenance on IoT devices and detection of fraudulent transactions.

Akkio is also introducing time series models that handle collections of observations in chronological order that will surface data patterns over time and forecast likely future outcomes. This usually turns out to be helpful with use cases such as churn reduction, weekly inventory figures, and forecasting quarterly revenue numbers, which brings more value to the organization’s data.

Ten times faster insights

Furthermore, the platform will assist analysts identify the most predictive aspects in their data and understand the combination of factors that can influence results. It generates clusters that automatically combines data cohorts around an outcome, which can be used by firms to target specific cohorts with different offerings. This, according to Akkio, can optimize conversion and drive insights 10 times faster than before.

The improvements strengthen Akkio’s offering in the no-code AI development area, which has become important in light of the pandemic and the scarcity of data science skills. Google AutoML, Obviously AI, and Fritz AI are other players who work in the same field.

A Gartner prediction states that 65% of app development will be low-code/no-code by 2024.

Expert’s view

Jonathan Reilly, Co-founder and COO of Akkio said, “We’re trying to make AI as easy to use in business as Excel spreadsheets. Now anyone can get quick data wins — using AI to surface patterns and optimize key business outcomes,”