• Rufus is capable of handling more than just responding to inquiries on particular Amazon listings.
  • Amazon recently unveiled an AI tool designed to speed up the process of writing product listings for independent retailers.

Rufus is a new chatbot that Amazon.com Inc. unveiled to assist online buyers in product browsing and making purchase decisions.

The company has added several artificial intelligence elements to its e-commerce platform, the chatbot being the most recent. Amazon had previously integrated an AI tool that could summarize user-submitted evaluations beneath product listings. Furthermore, generative AI functionalities have been implemented for third-party vendors who present their products on its platform.

A “small subset” of customers who use Amazon’s mobile app can access Rufus at launch. When a user types a query into the integrated search bar, it becomes active. Swiping down on the app UI will toggle a panel at the bottom containing the chatbot’s responses.

Rufus is made to respond to customer inquiries on goods sold on Amazon. The chatbot’s underlying artificial intelligence was trained using the product catalog, shopper evaluations, and content from the Customer Questions and Answers section of the e-commerce marketplace. Additionally, “information from across the web” was reportedly utilized to enhance Rufus’ capabilities, according to the corporation.

Rufus’ capabilities extend beyond responding to inquiries regarding particular Amazon listings. As per Amazon’s statement, the conversation feature also has the ability to generate product comparisons. For instance, a user might inquire of Rufus the distinction between a Wi-Fi 6 router and a rival device that possesses the most recent Wi-Fi 7 capability.

The chatbot is a recommendation engine as well. Rufus allows users to specify a task they want to complete, like creating an indoor garden, and have it display the supplies needed. Shoppers looking for further details can ask the chatbot to point out what customers should think about before making a specific purchase.

Rajiv Mehta and Trishul Chilimbi, Amazon Executives reported, “We’re launching Rufus in beta and starting to roll it out to customers in waves, beginning with a small subset of customers in the U.S. using our mobile app, and progressively rolling it out to the rest of our U.S. customers in the coming weeks.”

A few months after Amazon introduced an additional generative AI feature for its e-commerce marketplace, Rufus is preparing to go live. The latter feature, which made its début in August, produces a concise overview of the evaluations that customers provide regarding a particular product in one paragraph. It also presents a list of keywords intended to emphasize the most notable qualities of a product as perceived by consumers.

Amazon recently unveiled an AI tool designed to speed up the process of writing product listings for independent retailers. With the seller’s brief product description, the tool may create a title and description for listings. Also, retailers can utilize it to improve the copy they now use for marketing.