• Microsoft Azure itself uses OpenAI services to power their in-house products.
  • ChatGpT is on its way to helping customers and their businesses to take advantage of advanced AI models.

Microsoft declared the general availability of Azure OpenAI service to assist businesses in powering their apps with large-scale AI –models, including GPT-3.5, DALL-E 2, and Codex.

As per a press statement, vailability is “restricted to customers who meet and adhere to the standards for responsible and ethical AI principles that Microsoft has set and published. Customers are required to open to apply describing their intended use-case or application before they are given access to the service.”

ChatGPT is on its way to serving businesses:

“ChatGPT is coming soon to the Azure Open AI Service, which is now generally available, as we help customers apply the world’s most advanced AI models to their business imperatives,” Tweeted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“We’ve learned a lot from the ChatGPT research preview and have been making important updates based on user feedback. ChatGPT will be coming to our API and Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service soon,” tweeted Open AI.

Although Microsoft Azure or OpenAI has not shown a light on other noticeable things, it wishes to invest USD 10 billion in OpenAI sources in the coming time, as it has already invested USD 1 Billion in 2019.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Was Launched In November 2021 .

In November 2021, the Azure OpenAI Service from Microsoft had its invitation-only debut. It included advanced use cases like customer support, customization and data optimization, data extraction, and its classification, as per a press statement.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s own products are powered by the Azure OpenAI Service, such as the recently unveiled Microsoft Designer, which lets users create content using natural language prompts, Power BI, which uses GPT-3 to automatically generate formulae and expressions, and GitHub Copilot, which aids developers in writing better code.

Azure is the key computing power behind OpenAI API’s family of models. “Microsoft, and particularly Azure, don’t get nearly enough credit for the stuff OpenAI launches. they do an amazing amount of work to make it happen; we are deeply grateful for the partnership. They have built by far the best AI infra out there.” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman tweeted in December 2022.