BasisAI has recently helped APAC (Asia Pacific) start-ups develop their own explainable AI (XAI) solutions. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology-based firm and Singaporean partner of Open Loop, a global experimental governance programme.

The Open Loop Asia Pacific programme is a pact between Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Facebook, and local partners such as BasisAI.

The program aims to test and improve Singapore’s AI governance frameworks in AI/ML explainability. It also adds to its wider adoption while providing practical insights on how companies could develop and deploy easily comprehensible AI systems.

The programme that was initiated in July 2020 recruited about 12 AI companies from the Asia Pacific region that participated in a six-month prototyping programme. Programme participants use BasisAI’s proprietary machine learning platform, Bedrock, to develop their own XAI solutions under the mentorship of BasisAI.

As Open Loop’s dedicated private-sector technical assistance partner, BasisAI took part in the Open Loop programme’s prototyping process to direct companies in designing their AI clarification solutions based on a set of complex scenarios designed and tailored for each participating company.
In selecting responsible AI algorithms, BasisAI mentored and directed participants to use Bedrock to explore technological choices and understand trade-offs.

“As a brand that scales responsible AI within enterprises, BasisAI’s specialty is in building robust AI systems that are explainable, fair and easy to maintain. Efforts in promoting understanding and confidence in responsible AI are crucial as we move towards an AI-enabled world. The Open Loop programme has shown BasisAI is on the right track in equipping enterprises to deploy real-world AI systems, at scale, and based on a solid foundation of trust,” said Mr. Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BasisAI.

“BasisAI was a perfect fit for the Open Loop program. As a company invested in advancing and scaling responsible AI practices and committed to informing and helping build sound AI governance frameworks, we are thrilled to have BasisAI as Open Loop’s technical assistance partner,” said Norberto Andrade, Ph.D. – Facebook’s Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics.

After the Open Loop programme, BasisAI has taken up one of the participants, Nodeflux, a leading computer vision start-up in South-East Asia that would develop explainability for facial recognition and object detection. The deal forms a pioneer work that adds to enhance public safety in the use of computer vision.

“Our computer vision systems and products have been implemented in a wide range of sectors such as smart cities, defense and security, banking, retail, and wholesale store analysis. We realize that AI explainability will be a very important component of AI implementation in the future and we gathered valuable insights about XAI under collaboration with BasisAI during the Open Loop program. Therefore we are excited to continue this partnership to use Bedrock platform and BasisAI’s deep XAI know-how to strengthen the explainability of our AI solutions,” said Adhiguna Mahendra, PhD – Nodeflux Chief of AI Research and Product Innovation.