• C3 Generative AI enables knowledge workers to search specific items within their organizations’ internal data using natural language prompts.
  • C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition is driven by a machine learning technique called RAG.

Recently, C3 AI Inc. released a new version of its C3 Generative AI platform, which businesses can use via the AWS Marketplace.

Based in Redwood City, California, C3 is a software provider that simplifies the creation of customized artificial intelligence models. Additionally, the company offers prepackaged AI applications for scenarios like predicting customer demand and optimizing buildings’ energy usage. In the last quarter, C3 achieved a revenue of USD 72.4 million, surpassing analysts’ expectations of USD 71.6 million.

Launched in May of last year, the company’s flagship product is a platform known as C3 Generative AI. Knowledge workers can use natural language prompts to search the internal data of their organizations for particular items. The platform can also perform analyses to look for helpful patterns in the data.

The system is designed to handle records that are structured or unstructured. The new platform version launched recently, C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition, is more focused. Its purpose is to make text analysis on files like Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and webpages easier for users.

A self-service setup tool is also included in the AWS Marketplace Edition. Thanks to the tool, customers can deploy the platform in a few minutes, according to C3.

Users are given access to a chat interface that resembles ChatGPT once the setup process is finished. Uploading a set of business records allows users to have C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition extract pertinent data points of interest. The platform can perform mathematical calculations on user data, such as calculating the percentage increase in store sales from one quarter to the next.

Behind the scenes, C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition employs a machine learning approach known as RAG to drive various functionalities. Typically, neural networks are limited to generating responses based on their training data. However, with retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), an AI model can access information from external sources, including a company’s internal business documents.

Thomas Siebel, Chief Executive Officer of C3, said, “Search is bigger than simply finding a piece of information within a mountain of documents. It’s about finding insights within that data quickly and being able to act on them immediately and securely, changing the possibilities of what enterprises can accomplish.”

C3 intends to release the C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition to a select group of customers on November 29, with broader availability expected a few weeks after that. This launch follows the introduction of another recent offering, the C3 Generative AI Suite, which debuted two months ago and features over two dozen AI models tailored for tasks like text summarization and chatbot functionality.