• With Flowsource, both business and engineering stakeholders achieve increased visibility into the organization’s software engineering ecosystem.
  • Flowsource provides generative AI-enhanced tools and process coordination throughout the developer experience.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp., an information technology services company, unveiled a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence platform named Flowsource, tailored to drive modern engineering endeavors.

Cognizant Flowsource seamlessly integrates with every phase of the software development lifecycle, incorporating digital assets and tools to empower cross-functional engineering teams to produce high-quality code swiftly while ensuring enhanced control and transparency. This generative AI service offers a unified experience, bridging the efforts of all stakeholders and the development community.

The newly developed solution aims to aid businesses as they transition into technology-driven enterprises amidst evolving market dynamics. Emerging technologies, new competitive entrants, and evolving customer demands, according to Cognizant, necessitate that organizations attain a rate of change that is frequently unattainable due to the complexity of their technology estates, fragmented application of modern engineering processes, and legacy debt and costs.

Flowsource fills that need. Team members can work more quickly and intently because it provides generative AI-enabled tooling and process orchestration throughout the development process. As an illustration, teams can use templates for self-service to provision code and environments, automate testing and documentation, make use of enterprise knowledge bases to promote code and component reuse and use copilots with training to expedite coding processes.

By utilizing Flowsource, both business and engineering stakeholders attain greater visibility into the organization’s software engineering landscape. The transparency provided by Flowsource, according to Cognizant, enables quicker problem resolution, greater understanding of impact, and more seamless strategy delivery. Additionally, it functions as an extensible platform that permits organizations to incorporate third-party modules in order to further expedite work processes.

Executive Vice President of Software and Platform Engineering at Cognizant, Prasad Sankaran, said, “In the generative AI era, the pursuit of innovation is putting pressure on organizations to work faster – but working faster must be sustainable and ‘more speed’ shouldn’t mean ‘more problems. Cognizant Flowsource addresses this growing need and helps organizations improve quality and consistency across development. The result is better time to market for new and innovative offerings, as well as improvements in scale that can enable these enterprises to stay ahead of competition.”