• CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. unveiled a suite of integrations for Amazon Web Services Inc.’s cloud platform, providing companies with advanced features to enhance their security response.
  • Charlotte AI, CrowdStrike’s chatbot, lets users engage with Falcon using natural language. This chatbot simplifies cybersecurity duties and provides a user-friendly experience.

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. is introducing enhanced capabilities to assist companies in improving their response to breach attempts.

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. unveiled a suite of integrations for Amazon Web Services Inc.’s cloud platform, providing companies with advanced features to enhance their security response. Additionally, the introduction of Charlotte AI, a chatbot powered by AWS’ artificial intelligence models, offers accelerated breach understanding and remediation for organizations.

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity giant listed on Nasdaq, stands as one of the leading providers in the industry. With over 20,000 customers, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, their Falcon breach prevention platform is highly regarded. One key aspect contributing to its popularity is its user-friendly installation and maintenance process.

CrowdStrike’s comprehensive platform includes a suite of tools known as Falcon Cloud Security, designed to enhance cloud security for businesses. These tools enable scanning public cloud environments, identifying vulnerabilities, and detecting hacking attempts. Recently, CrowdStrike provided a glimpse of upcoming integrations that will expand the capabilities of Falcon Cloud Security by incorporating various AI services offered by AWS.

CrowdStrike revealed that it is leveraging Amazon Bedrock, an AI service, for its internal operations. Amazon Bedrock offers cloud-hosted foundation models accessible through APIs. CrowdStrike is utilizing this service to empower its recently introduced cybersecurity chatbot, Charlotte AI, which was unveiled earlier this week.

CrowdStrike has developed a chatbot, Charlotte AI, allowing customers to interact with its Falcon platform using natural language instructions. This innovative chatbot is designed to streamline various cybersecurity tasks, providing customers with a simplified and intuitive experience.

With the assistance of Charlotte AI, administrators can swiftly identify vulnerable systems within their company’s network. For instance, the chatbot can pinpoint employee laptops susceptible to specific software exploits. By responding to user inquiries, Charlotte AI generates a comprehensive dashboard highlighting vulnerable systems and providing remediation guidance for addressing the identified issues.

Charlotte AI also can uncover details regarding ongoing cyberattacks targeting a company. The chatbot effectively identifies the specific systems that hackers are targeting and provides insights into their breach tactics. This valuable information assists in understanding the nature of the attack and allows for appropriate defensive measures to be implemented.

As per CrowdStrike, the rapid retrieval of incident data by Charlotte AI enables administrators to address cybersecurity risks swiftly. The chatbot is particularly beneficial for users with limited technical knowledge, as it grants them access to vital information about their company’s cybersecurity posture without administrator assistance. This empowers users to stay informed and proactively mitigate potential risks effectively.

Mike Sentonas, President of CrowdStrike, stated, “Since our founding, CrowdStrike has pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity to identify adversary behavior and combat sophisticated attacks to stop breaches. With the introduction of Charlotte AI, we’re delivering the next innovation to help users of all skill levels improve their ability to stop breaches while reducing complexity of security operations.”

Currently, in a private preview, Charlotte AI joined the ranks of generative AI cybersecurity tools introduced earlier this year by Microsoft Corp., a key competitor of CrowdStrike, and Google LLC. Like the tools these companies introduced, Charlotte AI empowers administrators to gather cybersecurity risk data through natural language prompts. This advancement in AI-driven cybersecurity tools highlights the industry’s commitment to enhancing business threat detection and response capabilities.