• The integration is purported to enhance data management and curation alongside streamlining data automation workflows.
  • It’s stated that the incorporation of Nvidia technology into the Dataloop platform provides customers with cutting-edge AI tools directly within a unified, orchestrated platform.

An Israeli startup specializing in artificial intelligence datasets, Dataloop Ltd., partners with Nvidia Corp. The collaboration aims to incorporate Nvidia AI Enterprise software into Dataloop’s platform, enhancing the development and fine-tuning of AI applications tailored for businesses.

Dataloop contends that while generative AI has the potential to automate as much as 70% of business activities, the journey to AI adoption can be challenging. Many companies struggle to move beyond the proof-of-concept or pilot phases. The lack of organized and cohesive data poses a significant hurdle to progress. However, enabling efficient AI development supported by well-managed, optimized data is essential for unlocking AI’s full potential. This is precisely where the new collaboration comes into play.

It is claimed that the Dataloop platform’s integration of Nvidia technology provides clients with cutting-edge AI tools directly on a single, coordinated platform. The Dataloop platform facilitates the incorporation of various models and tools, such as Nvidia NIM and NeMo Retriever microservices, which enable clients to accelerate the deployment of artificial intelligence and improve their interactions with other applications and tools.

It is stated that the integration will result in enhanced data curation and administration, in addition to more streamlined data automation workflows. As a result, support for promoting AI adoption and generating improved business outcomes is provided.

“Our collaboration with Nvidia marks a significant milestone in the AI development cycle. By combining Dataloop’s platform with Nvidia AI technologies, we are enhancing AI development and deployment, empowering our customers to leverage high-quality, optimized AI applications,” Avi Yashar, the Co-founder and CEO of Dataloop, commented prior to the announcement.

The integration of Nvidia technology comprises four components. The initial aspect involves Dataloop’s marketplace, which provides access to the Nvidia API catalog. This catalog offers foundational models and application programming interface endpoints, enabling users to integrate cutting-edge AI models into their data pipelines seamlessly.

Customers of Dataloop will have access to pre-built AI solutions enabled by Nvidia AI, including pipelines for large language model applications such as chatbots and summarization. Additionally, within the indexed datasets managed on Dataloop, users will be able to leverage Nvidia NeMo text embedding-based data curation and search functionalities.

Dataloop integrates Nvidia NIM and NeMo Retriever microservices into its platform subsequent to obtaining early access to these components. The integration will facilitate LLM optimization and text embedding. Collectively, Dataloop and AI development seek to “revolutionize” the deployment and utilization of AI in the marketplace by lowering costs and accelerating progress.

Dataloop, supported by venture capital, has secured a total of USD 50 million in funding, as reported by Tracxn. This includes funding rounds of USD 11 million in 2020 and USD 33 million in 2022. Notable investors comprise F2 Venture Capital Inc., OurCrowd LLC, NextLeap Ventures LLC, Amiti Ventures LLC, Iconyc Inc., and SeedIL Ventures LLC.