Evolv Technology, the AI-touchless security screening leader, announced that its product Evolv Express had been confirmed as a winner of the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program.

According to the Business Intelligence Group, the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards will be given to those organizations, products, and people who work to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the market and apply it to solve real problems.

The company expressed that AI’s role was already transforming many aspects of human lives and culture before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now companies are accelerating their dependence on AI to build new processes, launch new services, or deploy strategic vendors’ AI.

Evolv Express is the world’s only AI-enabled touchless screening system in the market, using advanced sensors and machine learning (ML) to screen for concealed weapons and differentiating weapons from personal items. Evolv Express has also earned the top position in the award program’s ‘automatic targeted recognition’ category.

With a 70% reduction in cost, Evolv Express can work ten times faster compared with legacy metal detectors, with an unmatched 3,600 people per hour per system. Evolv’s product is built on the Evolv Cortex AI software platform and continually improves the security posture for customers through analytical insights and machine learning on-demand.

“Our system reflects a fundamental rethinking of physical security in order to identify threats more effectively while improving the experience of sports fans, patrons, visitors, employees, students and staff, and others,” said Michael Ellenbogen, Evolv Technology Co-founder and Head of Advanced Technology. “With Evolv’s AI-enabled software, we’re able to respond to changing customer requirements swiftly and efficiently. It’s an honor for our system to be recognized for this AI Excellence Award.”

“We’re especially proud of Evolv Chief Scientist Dr. Alec Rose and his team for driving such innovative advancements in the area of physical security,” Ellenbogen continued. “By doing so, we believe they are rewriting the standards for what’s required in providing best-in-class human security around the world.”

Organizations are continuously working on re-evaluating safety operations to handle threats from weapons violence and health risks as the pandemic unfolds. Evolv Express uses artificial intelligence software and advanced digital sensors, which are highly accurate, discreet, and deliver significantly more results than obsolete analog technologies. Moreover, AI-enabled systems build a way to integrate new capabilities such as analytics and thermal scanning rapidly.

Many of the world’s most iconic venues and companies trust Evolv in protecting their employees and visitors, including Uber, L.L. Bean, Lincoln Center, Six Flags, and hundreds of others. Evolv’s systems now screen more than 50 million people, whereas the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration is screening people in the US.