Facebook recently confirmed a report about Artificial Intelligence (AI) based voice assistant; the company is all set to enter the market of voice assistant AI-based technology competing with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  Facebooks initially attempted to develop AI messenger platform called as M, where it tried to provide a complete human touch to the conversation using the AI. However, currently, the Facebook team is all set to focus less on messaging and more on the hand’s free interaction scenario. With Alexa introducing seamless voice control the Facebook is all set to provide voice and gesture control functions.

In a statement issued by Facebook spokesperson said that the focus is more towards developing the voice assistant and AI assistant based technology that will also work in combination with our family of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistant products including the Portal, Oculus and Future products. Facebook might not be working on it as competition for the Google and Amazon device rather provide as hardware complimenting the other hardware provided by the company. The team building the Ai assistant is working from the Redmond, Washington under the leadership of Ira Snyder. The project has been in progress since of early 2018, shortly before Facebook announced that it had shut its own personal assistant service, along with building a robust network of bots that would layer AI throughout messenger.

The various divisions in Facebook are involved in bringing the AR/VR projects to life. Since the acquisition of Oculus in 2013, the social networks forward looking has taken several steps to improve the organizational structure of projects. The portal video chat building the AR/VR hardware is the first division, while the second division is Facebook reality labs and seems that the teams are currently jointly building the Facebook AI assistant. What seems to be social giants push towards building a layered structure for all the Facebook-owned platforms and not restricted to a single platform.