• Faros AI has built an innovative solution to help engineering teams improve their operations with data and AI.
  • Faros CE includes automation layers for engineering operational data, including source control, task management, event management, and continuous integration/deployment data.

Faros AI, the company behind the Faros Engineering Operations Platform, announced that it has raised USD 16 million in seed funding led by Salesforce Ventures, SignalFire, and Global Founders Capital. Seasoned tech luminaries such as Maynard Webb, Frederic Kerrest, Adam Gross, and more, too, participated. With this investment, Faros AI aims to accelerate its goal to provide engineering teams with unprecedented visibility and insight into their operations across program management, productivity, onboarding, compliance, cost optimization, and more.

Today, engineering organizations typically struggle with a lack of visibility into their operations due to the extreme fragmentation of the software tech stack and the acceleration of remote teams. It takes a long time to identify bottlenecks in processes. Hiring more engineers is an expensive option that hinders rather than aids productivity. Decisions are made based on the strongest voices in the room or gut instinct rather than data. Faros enables a data-informed approach to engineering operations by centralizing all operational data to provide leaders with a unified perspective of their complete software development life cycle.

“The Faros AI founding team played a pivotal role in building Salesforce Einstein, the leading enterprise AI platform that helps businesses improve their processes with data and AI. The natural next step was to take it to the next level and build an innovative solution to help engineering teams improve their operations with data and AI,” said Ilya Kirnos, Managing Director and CTO at SignalFire. “Every company spends so much money on engineering, so it’s obvious there’s a huge market for improving efficiency through smarter operations.”

With this, leading engineering organizations such as Coursera, Box, and GoFundMe are opening the doors for data-driven engineering operations using the Faros platform. This has helped organizations understand how their processes and DevOps toolchains impact cycle time, quality, and throughput.

Along with this, the company also announced the general availability of its free open-source Community Edition, Faros CE.

Faros CE allows developers to initiate the process in under 10 minutes:

  • Faros CE is a BI (Business Intelligence), API (Application Program Interface), and automation layer for all engineering operational data, including task management, source control, incident management, and CI/CD (Continuous integration and continuous delivery) data.
  • It composes best-of-breed open-source software: Airbyte for data ingestion, Hasura for the API layer, Metabase for BI, and n8n (nodemation) for automation.
  • Faros CE is container-based and can run in any environment, including the public cloud, without external dependencies.
  • Faros CE will also allow customers to add more connectors to their systems of choice.

“Unlike Sales, Marketing, or Finance, today’s engineering organizations are not very data-driven,” said Vitaly Gordon, Co-founder, and CEO of Faros AI. “Faros AI’s mission is to give leaders the ability to easily answer questions about their operations intelligently, based on data that is automatically extracted and synthesized from all possible relevant sources so teams can move fast without breaking things.”