India’s leading wealth and tax advisory platform, Fintoo (Financial Hospital), is all set to offer the best digital experience to users all over India. It is one-of-a-kind wealth and tax advisory platform, which is a comprehensive automated planning tool.

The platform is equipped with some notable features like goals, cash flows, retirement, risk, expense management features. It is an efficient tool that helps users connect their goals with their assets and plan investments in a much-structured manner.

The newly designed platform ‘AI-Advisor’ aims to help users create their financial plan without facing any interference from humans and maintaining complete data security and privacy. Therefore, only the user who holds the account will be able to see, analyze, and take the right decision.

This platform is different from the rest of the available sources. It focuses not only on goal-based investment but also on an in-depth planning tool where users can add their data such as risk appetite, cash inflow and amp; outflow goals, and tax-related details and obtain the required results.

Such an in-depth report helps the user with details on goal analysis, asset mapping, expense optimization, future cash flow, and plan of action. All this information allows the user to execute the smooth completion of their financial goals.

“The sudden pandemic situation has taken a toll on our physical, mental and financial situation.” CA Manish P Hingar, Founder and Chief Belief Officer, Fintoo, said,” Each industry expert has come up with different solutions to help the people pass through the current phase. Fintoo, one of the leading financial advisory firms, has put all its expertise together into ‘AI-Advisor’ to meet the requirements of the people. Our focus has always been to provide the best financial planning services to our customers right now and we are 100% dedicated to achieving it.”

CA Hingar also advised people to opt for contactless and digital services for their safety during pandemic times. Moreover, the company’s newly launched tool is capable of providing users real-time advice on request or even consultation for any financial query.

The “AI-Advisor” chatbot is currently available only on the web. It will be made available for users on mobile platforms by June 30, 2021.