• Employees and customers can say goodbye to remembering passwords with the aid of ForgeRock, the only solution that offers a full spectrum of passwordless possibilities.
  • Users can add security signal analyses, include third-party capabilities, and establish user registration, lost devices, and help desk processes using a no-code orchestration engine with a drag-and-drop setup.

ForgeRock Inc., a provider of digital identity management services, recently unveiled Enterprise Connect Passwordless. This new authentication method does away with the use of passwords by users inside sizable corporations.

The new solution, integrated into the ForgeRock Identity Platform to protect frequently used and vulnerable enterprise resources like servers, workstations, remote desktops, and virtual private networks, was developed through a strategic partnership between password authentication firm Secret Double Octopus Ltd. and ForgeRock.

By enabling users to access legacy applications, systems, and services without a password, Enterprise Connect Passwordless assists major companies in actively defending against expensive cyberattacks and unwanted access. By removing employee interaction with passwords and lowering the danger of password compromise, the company claims that organizations using the new service become more secure. Advantages include decreased information technology issues and employee account lockouts, improved user experiences, and more productive workforces.

The service takes advantage of next-generation identity orchestration capabilities to create and implement passwordless logins specific to each enterprise’s security and user experience requirements.

Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer, said, “The move to passwordless authentication will fundamentally change every digital experience on the planet, starting with the most common experience of all — logging in. With the addition of Enterprise Connect Passwordless, ForgeRock is the only solution to offer a full spectrum of passwordless capabilities that help employees and consumers say goodbye to remembering their passwords.”

The service, which will go live in the second quarter, will build on the company’s current passwordless capabilities and further the effort it has been making for more than a decade to do away with consumer passwords.

With the Identity Cloud’s FIDO2 WebAuthn standards and passkeys, ForgeRock already provides passwordless authentication. It also supports low- and no-code access orchestration with Intelligent Access and AI-driven threat protection with Autonomous Access.