Glia, a leading provider of Digital Customer Service, collaborated with LitLingo Technologies, an AI company providing proactive compliance and risk-mitigation technology. The partnership aims to offer AI-based compliance functionality for Glia customers.

“The most innovative financial institutions in the world trust Glia with their customer experience, and this integration allows them to go the extra mile when it comes to compliance risk,” said LitLingo CEO Kevin Brinig.

The integration goal is to ensure agents provide the highest quality of service to customers while maintaining ongoing compliances with banks and credit unions’ guidelines and rules.

With the LitLingo offering, Glia agents have access to real-time corrective warnings to create a stronger, more reliable end-customer experience and lower financial institution compliance risk.

“Glia is excited to share how LitLingo has utilized our AI management platform to offer world-class agent-facing compliance and risk management for customer interactions—a unique use case in the AI provider market,” said Justin DiPietro, Glia Co-founder and COO. “It’s critical for today’s financial institutions to not only provide an exceptional customer experience but to keep everything running smoothly from a compliance and accuracy standpoint.”

The Digital Customer Service platform by Glia is a communications and collaboration solution to let financial institutions connect customers and communicate with them seamlessly.

It can be carried out via whichever means they prefer, such as video, voice, and messaging, and guide them using CoBrowsing. All managed through a single interface; this helps to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels and maintain the same conversation and context even after transferring it to a different human or virtual agent.

Glia customers can lessen human error during interactions with customers and gain insights into enforcement and NPS issue areas using LitLingo’s patented AI. Glia’s customers also have access to monitoring tools from LitLingo that uses natural language comprehension to grasp the complicated language and recognize basic concepts.

For end-customers and agents alike, the net result is stronger experiences, decreased service costs, and reduced enforcement risk or agent turnover.

LitLingo collaborates with Glia’s ecosystem of AI-driven offerings, including Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework, IBM Watson, and a host of the industry- and solution-specific AI technology providers.