Google cloud platform may be hitting the new revenue margins but the figures are heavily guarded.  Maybe the Alphabet Inc. wants to protect its number because its specific number doesn’t really add up to rival the other competitions.  What would be important to learn is that, has the new machine learning technology really giving the cloud platform the required push? However, the hardcore number is still Clhidden under the curtains making the question irrelevant for many enterprises. Just a year ago Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene had answered that everyone is just grossly underestimating the cloud revenue and roughly giving us the data that $1 billion each quarter. However, the number seemed to have derived from the addition of two different numbers Gsuite cloud numbers with GCP to give around $1 billion. Currently, the real number that tells us about the Google cloud platform isn’t really given to anyone.  Google CEO Sundar Pichai also added that Google cloud is a fast-growing multibillion-dollar business that supports major 5,000 global companies around the world.

If we look towards the recent investments in the data center and cloud technology, we also saw that an increase in investment added up to 102 percent and spent close to $25 billion. Google is one of the foremost cloud technology organizations that has invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, so the revenue will give a clear overview of the adoption of AI and ML. 

Google has completely shifted the innovative technology framework by adopting higher-order machine learning, giving it to mainstream enterprises.  Telegraph the organization that had adopted the Google Cloud Platform to analyze the digital behaviors to understand the audience. The new technology can process the data up to 4TB in less than a minute, the advertiser initially used to take 2.5 hours to process the data now takes close to 8 minutes.