PoemPortrait is an artificial intelligence created by London artist Es Devlin in partnership with Google.

She is able to compose a poem from a word and a selfie. The new online experience of Google, entitled “PoemPortrait”, proves that artificial intelligence can indulge in poetry. This experience is based on a machine learning algorithm that can associate a self-portrait with a poem created by him.

Just take a selfie and send it to PoemPortrait, then tell him a word that will serve as inspiration for his poem. Based on this word, the AI creates a poem and associates it with your selfie. This algorithm is the result of a collaboration between Es Devlin, a London-based technology fan, and Ross Goodwin of the Google Arts and amp; Culture Lab. He was fed with more than 25 million words from 19th-century poems. The artificial intelligence of Google has been nourished with 25 million poems These data allowed him to generate a statistical model that maps the relationships between extracts.

Now, artificial intelligence is able to “predict” sentences emulating the style of poets of the nineteenth to generate his own poems. The result is not perfect, but still very convincing.