• The application is founded on OpenAI’s extensive language models. According to GTM Buddy, its purpose is to help marketers close more deals. Typically, GTM means “go to market.”

GTM Buddy Inc., a startup that develops software for sales enablement teams, has introduced Ask Buddy, a new artificial intelligence tool with generative capabilities.

The tool is based on OpenAI’s large language models. According to GTM Buddy, its purpose is to assist marketers in closing more transactions. GTM typically stands for “go to market.”

GTM Buddy, based in Durham, North Carolina, debuted in 2020 and closed a USD 2 million seed round the following year. It offers a cloud-based platform for sales enablement teams. These teams are responsible for discovering methods to increase the productivity of a company’s marketers.

According to GTM Buddy, its platform can be used to store and disseminate pitching best practices. In addition, the platform is suitable for storing sales collateral like product brochures. GTM Buddy also provides features that help sales enablement teams manage the content they produce more efficiently.

Ask Buddy, a generative AI tool introduced by the startup recently, extends the platform’s capabilities.

The tool allows salespeople to compose emails to prospective purchasers autonomously. According to GTM Buddy, the generation of follow-up emails after a sales presentation is simplified by its AI features. Additionally, Ask Buddy can address a prospective customer’s concerns about a product during purchasing.

According to GTM Buddy, the tool generates emails by analyzing important transaction details. In addition, the language models consult an organization’s internal sales materials.

Ask Buddy also utilizes the analyzed data for other purposes. According to GTM Buddy, the tool can analyze an ongoing sales negotiation and recommend the best course of action.

The tool could indicate which brochure a salesperson should share with a prospect to increase the likelihood of a sale. Ask Buddy can also suggest pertinent case studies. In addition, it can generate marketing content for situations where a prospective customer is also evaluating a competitor’s product.

Another set of Ask Buddy’s new features is designed for sales enablement teams. The features are intended to assist these teams in making internal sales content more accessible to employees.

Businesses frequently have internal documents detailing the best practices for pitching each product. In addition, they retain additional sales-related data, such as excerpts from past client negotiations. Theoretically, such content can make salespeople more fruitful, but it is not always utilized in practice.

Ask Buddy guarantees to address this difficulty. It enables sales enablement teams to convert their company’s sales content automatically into mentoring notes, FAQ articles, and other concise documents more likely to be read.

Sreedhar Peddineni, GTM Buddy co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Over 60% of enablement content is rarely used by reps because sellers don’t have time to review all sales collateral. Ask Buddy opens up a wealth of knowledge to help build buyer trust and provide reps with the information they need to close deals.”

GTM Buddy says customers can interact with Ask Buddy through a chat interface. The interface makes it possible to generate content and refine the AI’s initial output using natural language prompts.