Engineers at the Advanced Manufacturing Research centers factory 2050 in UK are using Artificial intelligence (AI) to learn what machine usage and deployment will look like on the shop floor. The aim is to create and demonstrate showing how accessible Industry 4.0 technologies are and how they are all set to revolutionize the complete shop-floor productivity. The demo is all set to show the emerging AI Strategy that is how at Factory 2050, that is all set to harness the innovative work that regularizes with AI Strategy. At factory 2050, it is all set to harness the innovative work Strategy with AI and machine learning techniques set around the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC). The improved technology is all set to provide real use cases for these techniques in industrial workflow affecting the manufacturing sector.

Rikki Coles, AI Project Engineer for the AMRC’s integrated manufacturing group at Factory 2050 using the edge computing device techniques retrofitted in the CNC machines, we have collected power consumption data during the production of automotive suspension components. The added complexity parameter is set to measure on a CNC machine but using the AI and machine learning. Though the data is much more simpler but with modern technology and also we are set to disrupt AI.

Data from the edge computing devices were sent to the AMRC’s cloud computing services and using the latest data science techniques using an AI algorithm to provide new insights for control and monitoring of the manufacturing process.  Analyzing the power signature from the data, the algorithm has analyzed the repeated patterns or anomalies, working out how many components were machined and deduced that three different types of components were manufactured. The project demos to an industry that with low-cost device collating quite simple data, AI and Machine learning can be used to create services and insights from this data for the manufacturer. Integrating the valuable technology of development through the edge on the machines.