Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming an imperative part of the business operation to stay competitive. The technology is used to predict customer behavior, automate the business operation, and personalize the customer experience. Even the small enterprises are investing heavily in the new innovative technology to leverage the market situation. According to the 2018 vistage survey, small and medium scale business are planning to invest in AI and CRM over the course of the next 5 years.

The combination of both Artificial Intelligence and CRM will provide customer conversion solutions. As the internet becomes the underlying technology for modern day sales and marketing, CRM has started to evolve, making way for capturing and categorizing the constantly growing sales channels.  Many of the current enterprises that are using CRM technology will improve data information management. The potential sales leads can be captured through different channels such as social media profiles, website interactions or even search query. This gives a load of information that can be processed and digested to improve the sales and marketing process, AI happens to be a perfect solution.

A complete overview of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with the CRM can ease the process of converting a potential lead to a customer. Here are some aspects that will affect the CRM combined with AI technology

1. Predictive analysis

2. Potential Analytics

3. Natural Language Search

The goal with Artificial Intelligence in the CRM is to handle the analysis and give smart insights about customer preferences or prospect based on all the data that is collected.  Using an AI a salesperson can make informed decisions about approaching the lead prospect and also what kind of marketing channels will actually affect the lead.  Leading Sales technology providers like Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zoho all tend to be turning towards the more involved AI technology to deal with a pool of data.