Highlights –

  • New tools on AI and automation will address AI infrastructure burdens and data privacy issues.
  • HPE claims that the new tool aims to fast-track insights at the edge, with features ranging from detecting credit card fraud to diagnosing diseases.

HPE announced its next step in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with the launch of HPE Swarm Learning and the new Machine Learning (ML) Development System. The new tools will help improve accuracy in models, address AI infrastructure burdens and enhance data privacy standards.

The company claims that the new tool is a “breakthrough AI solution,” which aims to fast-track insights at the edge, with features ranging from detecting credit card fraud to diagnosing diseases. The firm claims that the new tool can achieve this by unifying various AI model learning while also protecting data privacy.

The ML Development System is currently available worldwide, and the Swarm Learning system is there in most regions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise reported in March that the total revenue for the first quarter of 2022 reached USD 6.99 million, up a modest 2% from USD 6.83 billion posted for the year-ago quarter.

In the meantime, Salesforce made a series of announcements at its TrailblazerDX 2022 conference regarding the expansion of the Flow Automation Suite. The company claims that it will allow customers to automate complex Salesforce Customer 360 processes and create solutions that automate across Tableau, Mulesoft, and Slack.

To achieve this, Salesforce has updated the flow automation suite, which the company claims can deliver over one trillion automation in a month.

Add to it, Salesforce and Slack announced the Salesforce Platform for Slack. It is a new toolkit pitched as a way for developers to make Slack apps directly from Salesforce. Also, it will show up beta versions of apps across various sectors, including sales, marketing, and services – all of which will be generally available in June this year.

Tableau announced a range of capabilities to help developers overcome several issues of organizing data and developing analytics-focused architecture.

Experts’ view

Executive Vice President and General Manager Justin Hotard said the new technology has made progress in challenges these areas.

“Enterprises seek to incorporate AI and machine learning to differentiate their products and services, but are often confronted with complexity in setting up the infrastructure required to build and train accurate AI models at scale,” Hotard added.

“The HPE Machine Learning Development System combines our proven end-to-end HPC solutions for deep learning with our innovative machine learning software platform into one system, to provide a performant out-of-the box solution to accelerate time to value and outcomes with AI.”

“New features for Flow provide users the ability to trigger flows from analytics dashboards, use low code to easily integrate with any system, and interact with flows directly within Slack, where people spend most of their time,” said Salesforce executive vice president and general manager Patrick Stokes.