• Integral provides a platform simplifying dataset creation through automated de-identification and compliance certification.
  • The platform integrates healthcare data, including medical records and genetic information, with non-healthcare data like social media activity, purchases, and location data to provide comprehensive insights.

Integral, a startup in digital workflow management, declared recently that it has raised USD 6.9 million in fresh capital to safeguard private health data and advance its automated expert certification program.

Integral, established in 2020 under the name Promeed Inc., provides a platform that streamlines dataset creation by automating the de-identification and compliance certification processes. The platform, which is targeted at the medical and healthcare sectors, combines healthcare data—such as medical records, health histories, and genetic information—with non-healthcare data—such as social media activity, purchasing history, and location data—to provide researchers with a comprehensive understanding of a person’s health and lifestyle.

Although it is claimed that the combined data will improve healthcare research and health outcomes, it could also seriously threaten people’s privacy by exposing potentially sensitive personal data. Integral’s mission is essential to enabling healthcare companies to process and safeguard that data.

The business claims that before developing its platform, businesses were compelled to rely on consultant-conducted expert certifications. A manual, human-led procedure was involved in that as well, which frequently took several months and left usable data untapped. Thanks to Integral’s expert “certification-as-a-service” software and higher-quality data, customers can work with better data in almost real time.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Shubh Sinha said, “Combining healthcare and non-healthcare data can transform healthcare research and innovation. We’ve proven and will continue to prove that speed, accuracy and privacy can be treated equally, even when working with highly regulated data. We created Integral to achieve this goal, ensuring personal information is protected and people’s privacy rights are respected.”

The General Partnership LP, Haystack Partners LLC, and Virtue Ventures LLC led the seed round, including Also Capital LLC, Caffeinated Capital LLC, Array Ventures LP, LiveRamp Ventures LLC, GreatPoint Ventures LLC, and Venrex Capital LLC.

The last time Integral made headlines was in June when it unveiled an open-source tool that analyzes the code of software teams and automatically identifies areas for improvement. The Robin AI tool searches code files for potential problems using artificial intelligence.