Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (K-Line) has decided to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by Bearing, Inc for the ship ICT system “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” on 300 ships under the operations to improve performance evaluation accuracy.

The combination of K-Line’s high-quality data collection technology Bearing’s most advanced AI technology will help deliver higher accuracy of performance and reduced environmental load by economical and safe navigation.

An accurate evaluation of vessel operational performance in the actual sea area is significant for enhancing economic operations and environmentally friendly measures. Using IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, some level of operational performance with some extent of accuracy using big data in real-time is still possible; however, further improvement in accuracy is necessary for the shipbuilding, shipping, and marine equipment industries.

K-Line is focused on improving performance evaluation technology’s accuracy and toward ‘collection of high-quality data” and “advanced data analysis technology” for a long time now. From the end of 2019, it has conducted a demonstrated experiment to verify and evaluate data analysis technology by AI technology developed under Bearing Inc.

Another reason for the successful results of AI adoption is K-Line’s high-quality operational data due to its long-standing efforts. It makes Bearing Inc’s AI analysis more accurate and makes it easy to conclude that the long-standing efforts have paid off well.

For the future, they plan to accurately evaluate various fuel reduction efforts in both software and hardware, improve ship management, and boost operational performance.

“K-LINE pursues safety, environment, and quality as priority initiatives for our value creation in the management plan and accelerates those issues by DX utilizing big data and AI technology,” the company stated.