• On each agent’s desktop, Laivly adds automation to help them complete jobs quickly, and the built-in AI shows the team the workflows of the most productive agents.
  • Without using back-end APIs (Application Programme Interface), Laivly’s customized orchestration layer seamlessly connects the whole tech stack, enabling IT teams to integrate systems quickly and easily.

Laivly, a leader in artificial intelligence and automation for contact centers, announced the launch of its attended AI platform. The firm transforms real-time intelligence into real-time action that generates higher contact center productivity, boosts ROI, and provides a better customer experience.

It is designed to upgrade call centers swiftly and easily at scale. Laivly adds automation to each agent’s desktop, and helps them complete jobs quickly, while the integrated AI shows the team the workflows of the most productive agents.

The result is a contact center that is quicker, wiser, more accurate, and more effective, allowing human agents to spend more time providing excellent customer experiences and less time battling technology.

The new attended AI platform from Laivly transforms call centers at scale, boosts ROI, and improves customer experience.

The Laivly platform adds a layer of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation to any existing technology or across the complete tech stack to optimize workflows, assess clients on the fly, and direct agents to the best results.

Furthermore, Laivly’s customized orchestration layer seamlessly connects the whole tech stack – without using back-end APIs (Application Programme Interface) – enabling IT teams to integrate systems quickly and easily.

Laivly, a global leader in customer service, was founded in July 2017 as a spin-off of global customer care leader 24-7 Intouch. In preparation for a wider launch, Laivly has been quietly developing its AI-powered contact center technology and carefully vetting early customers. Leading Fortune 500 firms in the e-commerce, technology, and CPG industries are already utilizing Laivly’s technology.

Depending on the use case, early adopters of Laivly’s technology are already seeing returns on their investments ranging from 50% to 300%. Most brands significantly enhance customer satisfaction while making financial savings in less than a year.

Additionally, firms that use Laivly’s technology are able to increase the job longevity of their contact center personnel. Typically, this is an industry where up to 75% of contact center employees experience burnout, and the turnover rate is close to 40%.

Laivly’s platform has been designed to meet the requirements of contact center employees. In doing so, it makes an agent’s job easier by not just recommending actions to assist a customer but also conducting those actions. The result is a uniform client experience across all agents, a decrease in the technical burden on the customer service associate, and agents who can focus more on offering compassionate support.

A recent study by Laivly found that 88.5% of the agents using the tool believed the technology was “useful” or “very helpful” in providing improved customer service. A clear product-market fit was demonstrated by the fact that 78% of agents claimed they would be “upset” or “extremely disappointed” if they had to perform their duties without Laivly.

According to Jeff Fettes, CEO and founder of Laivly and co-founder of 24-7 Intouch, “Laivly represents a big leap forward for call centers throughout the world.” “Customer service has degraded since there hasn’t been a significant change in call center technology or work in more than ten years. With a tool that practically enhances customer service and call center jobs immediately, Laivly’s platform transforms all of this, making customers, call center employees, and businesses happy in the process.”

Laivly transforms call centers in the following ways:

Process simplification: Laivly automates workflows to increase accuracy and reduce time. It applies what it learned about the best agents’ work processes to enhance operations throughout the firm.

Smooth integration: Laivly’s orchestration layer makes it simple to integrate with any system instantly, making it a responsive performance solution that can provide results.

Performs Simple Tasks: To ensure a consistent client experience, the platform’s AI-powered carries out not just simple tasks for an agent but also suggests the best course of action.

Tools Right on the desktop: Laivly’s agent assists tool lives directly on the desktop. Laivly’s low-profile interface borrows the best aspects of a unified desktop but allows agents to work directly on native applications.

Forrester analysts believe that the two biggest priorities for customer service must be “future proofing” the technology stack and building a human centered contact center. Both of these priorities are in line with Laivly’s mission.