• Lucidworks introduced Springboard to solve complex search challenges for the market and customers facing challenges in a digital-first environment.
  • The solution enables organizations to better capture and understand users’ search preferences and intentions through an inbuilt search, insight engine and a push-button AI.

Lucidworks, a next-generation AI-powered search applications provider, announced the launch of Springboard, a cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It also released a roadmap for new applications and updates to its flagship Fusion tool. The SaaS solution eases the process for customers to do site search, browsing, and discovery experiences, allowing organizations to capture and understand data from their customers’ search queries more efficiently.

Lucidworks introduced Springboard as a solution to cater to the market demand for a cloud-native search platform that is scalable, easy for any business users to set-up and manage, and outcome-driven.

A multi-tenant SaaS platform, Springboard allows to do all the search, browsing, and discovery on a single application. Applications on Springboard increase time-to-value, eases maintenance, and deliveres relevancy out-of-the-box so that customers can use search to address business-related challenges.

Springboard is the lone platform that provides outcome-optimized solutions for non-technical users who want to enhance customer interactions through search. Benefits of Connected Search are many: It offers a flexible, fast and easy-to-use search and insight engine with push-button AI, guided workflows and optimized analytics that offer real outcomes at scale. Early customers having access to the app encompass a wide range of industries, including healthcare technology, utilities, public services, and software. These users have reported improved relevancy and increased clickthrough rate with Connected Search.

Expert view

“Lucidworks has been solving complex search challenges for the past decade, and Springboard is our answer to what the market and our customers need in today’s digital-first environment,” said Will Hayes, President and CEO, Lucidworks.

Hayes added, “The Springboard design philosophy is that high-quality search at scale should be easy for anyone to deploy and cost efficient. Customer feedback drove our roadmap of applications for specific solutions, including our first publicly available application, Connected Search. We’re making it easy for customers to create connections between people, capture and understand signals that show preference and intent, and improve the total experience for customers, service agents, and employees without requiring search or development experience.”

“At IPRO, we needed a partner who understood how critical it is to quickly deliver the most up-to-date, accurate information to our customers,” said Jeremy Heckathorn, IPRO, Corporate Systems Manager.

He added, “We saw that Lucidworks had the ability to surface the most useful information within our help and training content for users when they needed it, allowing us to expand the value they get from our eDiscovery and information governance solutions without draining our internal resources. With Lucidworks Connected Search we can easily set up and manage a site search experience that provides the most relevant results and insights for our customers.”