Leading global cybersecurity and IoT company WISeKey International has announced expanding its products and services portfolio for brand protection with the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NanoSeal secure Near Field Communication (secure NFC) technology.

With the latest acquisition of AI specialist arago and the completion of its NanoSeal Backend System, WISeKey aims to offer a consistent end-to-end tool to increase the direct connection between brands and consumers.

WISeKey’s NanoSeal ecosystem consists of a complete product authentication server and database management. WISeKey can provide a turnkey service to brands and Systems Integrators (SI), thanks to the cloud-based NanoSeal Backend System (NBS), which works as an additional protection layer.

Brands and SI can now effectively harness the enormous amount of strategic customer data generated by the NanoSealRT NFC tags by combining it with the company’s AI technology to deliver authentic consumer engagement.

WISeKey’s NanoSealRT secure NFC chip facilitates brands with a significant advantage of reforming any static object into an active and communicating device. When a customer communicates with an NFC-enabled product using any NFC-enabled Android or Apple smartphone, it also helps check the object’s authenticity. It establishes direct communication between the consumer and the brand.

Hereon, the marketing possibilities turn virtually endless. Brands can keep customers engaged, and a remarkable increase in sales is seen. It also positively impacts consumer experience, enriching the digital transformation of the link to the brands.

“NanoSeal ecosystem is a unique proposition on the market today that combines so many distinct features dedicated to empowering true and secure digital transformation for brands to deploy active product protection and digitally engage consumers,” said Olivier Debelleix, Director of Brand Protection and amp; Wearable Security Business Unit for WISeKey.

“The addition of arago’s AI is another significant breakthrough in the brand protection and consumer engagement area. For more than two decades, WISeKey has been a recognized and innovative stakeholder in the digital security market. This new announcement confirms such a positioning,” he added.

In a webinar organized by Oracle, the Founder and CEO of WISeKey, Carlos Moreira, will discuss “Time of Modern Finance: How AI Changes the Rule of the Game for Finance,” explaining the company’s AI and brand protection technologies.