A foremost infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production, Moviebook, showcased its innovative products and solutions powered by leading-edge tech including digital twins, AR/VR, holography, and simulation at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 (WAIC 2021) at Shanghai World Expo Center from July 7 to 10, 2021.

At the conference, Moviebook represented its newly-developed system for the holographic simulation of the production process of digitized products. The system highlights innovative video production technologies such as spatial computing, deep learning, simulation, and AR by building interactive 3D images and video environments. This is done after transmitting and processing images and videos in real-time, which gives a more sophisticated visualization and a more realistic experience than digital sand tables.

With the ‘Intelligent Connectivity, Inspirational Cities’ theme, WAIC 2021 reviewed the evolution of AI after collecting all the newest developments in the AI industry and highlighting the enormous prospects of AI technologies.

Moreover, to get along with China’s booming digital economy, Moviebook is making efforts to capitalize on its AI technologies and experience to support China’s freshly unveiled ‘dual circulation’ economic development pattern. Thus, the domestic market plays a dominant role with internal and external markets reinforcing each other.

Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, and more than 300 leading enterprises were present at WAIC 2021 as exhibitors. Over 30 CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and several Turing Award winners were invited as speakers at the conference. The other panelists included 200 eminent researchers who presented views on AI-related issues such as innovative ideas, applications, emerging technologies, talents, and capital throughout the conference.