• Z21 Labs Inc., commonly known as Observe.AI, a contact center intelligence platform provider, announced a Real-Time AI product suite to help call center operators improve customer interactions.
  • Businesses may utilize the program’s transcription and sentiment analysis to learn about callers’ contentment and improve customer service.

Z21 Labs Inc., also known as Observe.AI, a supplier of contact center intelligence platforms, has launched a new Real-Time AI product suite that would empower call center operators with live, in-the-moment coaching to improve their customer interactions.

The new solution is intended to assist call center operators in properly resolving every customer question or complaint while enabling live supervisor mentoring and automated actions for after-call work, according to the business.

Observe.AI is a supplier of call center software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that assists human operators with customer support jobs. Under the hood, the platform is driven by AI-based natural language processing algorithms that can evaluate real-time agent-customer communications.

The program can also transcribe each conversation and apply sentiment analysis to evaluate each caller’s degree of satisfaction, allowing businesses to get insights that can be used to teach contact center workers and enhance customer experiences. For instance, the top-performing agents may be used as benchmarks to assess what works and what doesn’t or to train employees who are underperforming.

The recent update focuses on offering rapid assistance to contact center agents. Observe.AI shows that agents are essential for revenue creation and customer happiness and that their conversational ability directly impacts business outcomes. Consequently, it is essential that employees conduct their consumer contacts flawlessly, and Observe.AI facilitates this.

Observe. AI stated that the new product listens to real-time conversations and incorporates past insights and agent performance data to provide real-time, individualized in-call assistance and coaching to each agent. This assistance and coaching are offered to the agent via “Dynamic Prompts” that display on-screen at the appropriate time.

Therefore, if a consumer complains that a service or product’s price is too expensive, the agent might get prompted to offer a discount or otherwise explain the benefits of the service to justify the expenditure, Observe.AI described. Agents are further led by “Smart Scripts” to guarantee that each discussion proceeds well and that all critical points are covered. Another important tool is “Knowledge Base Automation,” which shows pertinent Knowledge Base articles for agents so they can quickly respond to consumer inquiries.

Liz Miller, an analyst at Constellation Research Inc., stated that Observe.AI’s Real-Time AI can be valuable since settling calls is a complex problem for many businesses, especially when the caller is agitated or irritated and takes out their anger on the agent. She noted that it is one of a new breed of AI applications designed to facilitate conversation.

Liz Miller said, “These agent-assist tools that help in real-time and provide suggestions that add value for both agents and customers are a great example of AI heading in the right direction from the perspective of business use cases. Knowledge base automation is also useful because very few agents actually have any time to sift through pages and pages of knowledge, sales and marketing content that could actually assist the customer.”

Observe. AI’s Real-Time AI, in addition to the automated live guidance, also allows supervisors to monitor calls and offer assistance. The supervisor gains a bird’s-eye view of all live customer interactions and can take a stand to capitalize on upsell opportunities, handle customer escalations and legal threats, and track agent performance issues with Supervisor Assist.

Miller believes Supervisor Assist can be useful but cautions that companies must exercise caution when using it. If the tool is used for “spying or punishment,” for example, many agents may become dissatisfied. She said, “It will really depend on the culture of the organization if such tools are used to the benefit of the agent or not. For some agents, having a supervisor suddenly jump in could create a negative experience, causing them to feel as if they’re being spied on, rather than supported. And if that happens, it will reflect itself in the customer experience too.”

The beta testing of Observe.AI’s Real-Time AI tools has allowed customers to enhance sales conversions by 10% and decrease hold time violations by 60%. It notably referenced American First Finance LLC’s experience, which within 60 days of installing Real-Time AI decreased its average handling time by 23% and allowed its agents to handle 24% more client calls.

According to the co-founder and Chief Executive of Observe. AI, Swapnil Jain, Real-Time AI is intended to teach specific skills to individual agents, as opposed to generic coaching.