A predictive AI platform NWO.ai helps leading enterprises to check upon microtrends before they turn exponential has announced a USD 3.5 million seed round. Hyperplane, Wavemaker, and Colle Capital were the co-led who conducted the round, including participation from Aditi ventures and SuperAngel.

NWO.ai can analyze several petabytes of data with proprietary predictive AI that could produce actionable reports for Fortune 1000 companies. These insights play an essential role for corporate leaders, says John Murphy, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Hyperplane Venture Capital: “NWO’s platform cuts through noisy unstructured conversational data and extracts quantifiable signals before they are readily apparent. It’s a perfect example of machine intelligence supporting decision-making processes for corporate leaders navigating rapid transformations.”

Clients from NWO.ai earns a significant advantage as it can easily track global cultural shifts even before it happens. Witnessing signal in the noise ahead of others holds enormous value, says Colle Capital Founding Partner Victoria Grace: “Technology that can efficiently parse huge troves of data from various sources, and time-shift them to determine leading indicators has immense value for generating “alpha” for clients. We believe that allowing companies to see around the corner will become a must-have tool for businesses as they navigate their competitive landscapes.”

With a vision to help organizations worldwide “manufacture alpha,” NWO.ai filters through the noise and finds the signals that matter most to their strategic success, says Co-Founder Pulkit Jaiswal: “We’re committed to understanding human behavior through data. Our proprietary machine learning and natural language processing algorithms continuously transform petabytes of unstructured narrative data into visual metrics that are easy to understand — and act on.”

SAP.iO accelerator has helped NWO.ai to have a healthy partnership with SAP. The partnership integrated NWO into SAP’s global network of enterprises looking to nurture actionable insights from their datasets, says Alexa Gorman, SVP, Head of SAP.iO Foundries EMEA: “The combination of external trends and operational data from SAP solutions allows companies to determine consumer signals much earlier than what’s possible today. This provides leading indicators of consumer purchasing behavior for demand forecasts.”

Sourav Goswami and Pulkit Jaiswal are co-founders of NWO.ai alongside CTO Imogen Low.