With the success of its transparent AI-assisted hiring solutions, PredictiveHire, an Australian technology company, has announced the global release of its Fair AI for Recruitment (FAIR) framework. The program aims to educate HR executives in assessing AI technology for use in their organizations and spark conversations for AI developers.

The framework has been launched to start discussions on HR technology transparency against an explosion of AI solutions in the industry, with many algorithms that work in a ‘black box.’ With the lack of any vendor accreditation and the fact that regulations are light years behind tech innovation, there has been a lack of cooperation between vendors to champion AI ethics in the industry, something PredictiveHire hopes would help change.

The Fair AI for Recruitment (FAIR) framework:

– Focuses on developing a data-driven approach to fairness that offers an objective pathway for fairness issues to be measured, questioned, and strengthened.

– Provides collective measures and instructions for applying and preserving fairness in candidate selection tools based on AI.

– It offers both an assurance and a template to query fairness-related indicators of AI recruiting tools for hiring managers and organizations.

– For applicants, FAIRTM ensures that they use a platform constructed as a primary performance measure of fairness.

While launching the framework, PredictiveHire CEO Barbara Hyman said: “We have created a framework that we hope can be used as inspiration to ensure that AI is being used to build inclusive teams – something humans are not capable of doing on their own because we cannot subvert our biases.”

“Our mission is to help HR leaders make bias interruption more than rhetoric, which is why we also published this guide to Making inclusion an HR priority, not a PR one,” he added.