• Primer Command is the company’s first software application.
  • Primer claims that both the public and private sectors use its software.

Primer Technologies Inc., a data analytics provider, announced recently that it has completed a USD 69 million funding round led by Addition.

The startup’s total outside funding now stands at USD 237 million thanks to the Series D round, including funding from the U.S. Innovative Technology Fund. Primer will use the funding to expand its workforce and improve its technological capabilities.

Based in San Francisco, Government organizations and businesses use Primer’s analytics software to comb through massive amounts of data in search of insightful information. The company claims that proprietary natural language models power its software. These models are based on the Transformer architecture, the neural network architecture underpinning ChatGPT, and many other cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems.

Primer Command is an application that is the company’s first software offering. The company claims to ingest data from over 80,000 sources in more than 100 languages. Customers can set up Primer Command to find items of interest automatically.

Primer Command, for instance, can be used by a company’s marketing team to monitor customer opinion of its products. The platform automatically draws attention to noteworthy items, such as social media posts about product complaints. Additionally, Primer Command has a map that shows the areas where clients most frequently post reviews of businesses.

Primer claims that the program is also helpful for other tasks. For instance, it may draw attention to important business news in the sector in which a company operates.

It also provides Primer Delta, a second analytics tool. It is intended to assist organizations in processing significant amounts of text data. According to the business, the platform can quickly analyze millions of documents and make it simple to search for analytics experts. Additionally, it has the ability to complete related tasks, like collecting information about one subject in a group of records.

Primer claims that both the public and private sectors use its software. Over the past few years, the startup has received contracts from the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Special Operations Command. Several Fortune 100 companies in the private sector also use the software.

Chief Executive Officer Sean Moriarty said, “Primer’s AI platform and products deliver necessary tools to those who support and defend our democracy and this round of funding will help us deliver more, faster.”

The funding round occurred two months after AlphaSense Inc., a different startup that uses AI to assist organizations in analyzing large datasets, raised USD 100 million from investors. The platform from AlphaSense helps financial institutions search market data for investment opportunities. Businesses outside the financial industry use the software to monitor competitor activity.