• Quantive(formerly Gtmhub) assists organizations to create higher strategic agility and excel at execution. Quantive Results and Quantive Signals are its two products.
  • Index Ventures SA, Singular Labs Inc., Visionaries Club GmbH., Insight Partners L.P., and Charles River Ventures LLC are some of the investors in the company.

Quantive USA Inc., a strategy execution platform startup, recently announced new artificial intelligence-based improvements that enable companies to excel at their strategic initiatives.

The new release leverages generative AI technology through large learning models Quantive obtained by acquiring Cliff.ai, a business reliability platform startup, in June. The new intelligence capability in Quantive Results aids users in overcoming the “cold start” challenge in targets and key results or OKR programs.

Gtmhub Inc., now Quantive, claims that users frequently need assistance defining objectives from an overall company strategy or high-level goals. With Quantive’s integrated AI capabilities, users will get suggestions to consider new or complementary key results, help sharpen their objectives, and orchestrate tasks to assist them in getting started quickly.

Users can also use the new features to pinpoint the required initiative to attain objectives. While using OKRs in a goal-setting framework, initiatives can sometimes be omitted, missed, or, not clearly connected to the OKRs, which creates a lack of alignment and clarity within teams. The intelligence capabilities in the Quantive platform assist in identifying initiatives that should be prioritized to certify businesses are set up for success.

Finally, users can utilize new features to search for answers to platform usage questions, replace traditional content in help centers with natural language answers produced by user questions.

Ivan Osmak, the chief executive officer of Quantive said, “We’re at the beginning of a rapid diffusion of AI technology aimed at solving a range of problems within software applications like Quantive. These technologies will make workflows more efficient, guide and advise the user, and turn large amounts of complex data into meaningful insights. The result will be a significant increase in the value our platform provides to our customers.”

The new capabilities are said to exhibit the first of many innovations the company has structured for release to put intelligence at the core of its Quantive Results product.

Venture capital-backed startup, Quantive, has secured USD 160.1 million to date, consisting of a round of USD 120 million in December 2021. Singular Labs Inc., Index Ventures S.A., Visionaries Club GmbH., Insight Partners L.P., and Charles River Ventures LLC are some of the investors in the company.