A car driver after an accident clicks the photo of the damaged car and sends it to the insurance company claiming the insurance. A hotel guest uses the hotel voice assistant to contact the front desk. An email marketing company use smart analytics technology to analyze millions of data improving the open rate. The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) depends on how we are more connected with smarter and efficient systems in everyday life. The above are the actual use cases that were presented during the Dreamforce event held in San Francisco it was attended by more than 170,000 attendees. Salesforce the organizer of the conference has been working towards implementing their AI called Einstein over the course of the last two years. Every other organization is trying to build a viable AI business that can add significant solutions to already a present line of products and services.

Salesforce had acquired MetaMind, a silicon valley based AI startup. MetaMind CEO is currently leading the Salesforce team of scientists and he offered us a peek in the future of AI technology. In the conference, we first were able to test a computer vision technology wherein AI was showing two pictures, one little girl sitting the bench and holding an umbrella while the other one contained stripes on a cat.  The computer vision was able to identify different objects in both the photos, it was able to identify an individual change in patterns depending on the umbrella, girl and the stripes on the girl.   

Bryan McCann, who joined Salesforce during the MetaMind Acquisition also a specialist in the AI, added that Natural Language Processing work revealed significant progress in the capability of computers to understand the language context. With the new NLP, the salesforce team will be able to create a multitask language model.  Salesforce is looking towards AI Einstein as a solution for customer and sales process to solve the resource requirement barriers.