• Seek AI’s foundation models are built on deep learning and have hundreds of billions of parameters.
  • The natural language interface of Seek AI lets people ask questions and get answers right away.

Seek AI, a company that develops AI-powered intelligent data solutions, announced the launch of its new B2B SaaS platform today. This platform automates the tedious, repetitive tasks performed by data professionals in many organizations. Seek AI allows data teams to automate and manage database query projects. This makes them much more productive, especially in sales and marketing.

Co-founder and CEO Sarah Nagy said, “We’ve built a platform that uses artificial intelligence to reduce inefficiencies in accessing data.” She added, “Currently, data scientists and business analysts waste time manually writing repetitive code. We’ve automated that process with sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning.”

Seek AI uses deep learning foundation models with hundreds of billions of parameters. These models are the technology behind Open AI’s DALL-E and GPT-3, which are smart enough to understand natural language commands and generate high-quality code to instantly query databases.

The natural language interface of Seek AI allows people to ask questions and get answers right away. Knowledge workers can use email, Slack, text, and various customer relationship management (CRM) systems to access Seek AI’s natural language interface.

Tim Harrington, CEO of Battlefin, the leading supplier of alternative financial datasets, said, “Giving fast, high-quality answers to our customers’ questions is the difference between winning and losing over our competitors.” He added, “Seek AI played a critical role in our company’s 2023 strategy because of the edge that it gives us in accessing and analyzing our 2,400 datasets in response to customer questions. I’d estimate that our ROI on Seek AI is about 10x based on what we would have spent to achieve this level of efficiency without the platform.”

Seek AI is available as a monthly or per-user subscription. Sarah Smith, Seek AI’s co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, stated, “We are already delivering value to customers and design partners in the B2B SaaS, Fintech, Consumer Product Goods (CPG), and B2C e-commerce vertical markets”.