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  • co and DEV.co join hands to develop artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool for SEO.
  • DEV.co is an AI-based tool that will help generate web copy for businesses and individuals with ease.https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/co-working-team-meeting-conceptbusinessman-using-606145901

SEO.co, a search engine optimization (SEO) agency collaborating with DEV.co, a custom software development company, has launched AI.DEV.co, a tool that will help generate web copy for businesses and individuals with ease.

AI.DEV.co tool

AI.DEV.co aims to help businesses gain online attention and stand out in the market by generating a copy. This copy should be unique as it is needed for dozens of channels and applications, including ads, email newsletters, blogs, and websites.

AI.DEV.co generates a unique copy using artificial intelligence (AI) engine that ‘learns’ about a company or a product by evaluating the sentiment quotient from existing marketing materials.

AI.DEV.co generates the copy based on SEO guidelines (Search Engine Optimization) and optimizes the copy for search engines accordingly. Optimized copy increases the chances of website ranking highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google.

Consumers are given a choice to select a tone for the generated copy, and they can also select a different format for the created copy. Users can set the tone to friendly, professional, or adventurous.  The AI-driven components of the tool were designed using the API (Application Program Interface) from OpenAI and GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3), OpenAI’s AI system for natural language generation.

AI.DEV.co’s SEO potential and low price make it unique among other AI working copy-generating tools. AI.DEV.co proves beneficial for the companies that work into developing many SEO copies and other digital marketing activities. The tool plays a major role in saving time and money for the companies by producing faster and quality content.

  1. DEV.co’s designers are enthusiastic about the tool’s future. They are excited for future growth and development, including a set of more dynamic copywriting and software-building tools. The creators also intend to expand the duration of the content prompts, which are already accessible on AI.DEV.co and provide consumers more customization options.

Words from experts

Nate Nead, Former CEO at SEO.co and DEV.co, said: “SEO is challenging, expensive, and confusing for newcomers. But it shouldn’t be. The internet is a big place with room for everyone who wants to use it to build and promote a business, so we believe SEO should be more accessible. AI.DEV.co is a tool that makes SEO copywriting simpler, faster, and cheaper – and therefore more accessible to a wide range of options. While it may not immediately replace our blog writing services, we do expect it to help it greatly augment it.”

“We don’t want this tool to remain stagnant. We want it to evolve, so it can continue serving the needs of marketers and business owners well into the future – and do it better,” Nead added.

AI.DEV.co tool is now available in public beta. Users can sign up for free and earn 1000 points as free credits to use on AI-generated copy.