• Signal AI launched its External Intelligence Graph for businesses that can utilize data and information that are available on the internet in real-time.
  • The External Intelligence Graph can provide solutions to the problems many organizations are currently experiencing.

Signal AI announced the launch of its External Intelligence Graph, which provides a holistic perspective of the relationships between things that modern firms need to care about but do not understand well. The External Intelligence Graph provided by Signal AI illustrates the links between the many factors that a contemporary corporation has to take into consideration, such as climate change, supply chain risk, and competitive intelligence.

The system employs a natural language model that always improves and monitors how firms and subjects are addressed. The Signal AI External Intelligence Graph is an altogether new sort of data product that works by assisting businesses in better comprehending the massive quantities of public, unstructured content available worldwide and on the internet.

Understanding the potential of investments

Nine years ago, the company started as a media monitoring initiative that gathered information from various news sources and social media platforms. It discovered that there was a ready market for businesses that needed to think strategically about how they presented themselves to the public.

The company’s efforts to capitalize on the capabilities of the newly developed algorithms derived from Machine Learning (ML) resulted in the creation of the External Intelligence Graph. The team at Signal AI wanted to conceive text data as more than just a stream of characters to be searched, but rather as a collection of entities with relationships that can be tracked and measured. In other words, they wanted to consider text data as a collection of entities.

Signal AI sells its service to companies that want to monitor the news themselves and to investors that need assistance selecting possible investments. The External Intelligence Graph can provide solutions to the problems many organizations are currently experiencing. For instance, it can assist Chief Risk Officers in comprehending and quantifying impending dangers by delivering a risk radar that has been trained to comprehend an organization’s external ecosystem.

It can help Chief Communications Officers understand how their organization is perceived in the market and which topics they and their competitors are most associated with. It can also help quantify previously unmeasurable concepts, such as their overall reputation, trust, and perception. Additionally, it can assist Investment Managers in understanding which potential investments may involve reputational or organizational risk, which will ultimately affect the performance of the investment.

To ensure that their investments are sound and profitable, some simply want to know which enterprises are thriving and which are failing in public opinion. Signal AI already serves more than 40% of the Fortune 500, and some of the world’s greatest corporations and governments have adopted this most recent capability.


Industry insights

Google uses its extensive internal model of language and the world to determine the order of search engine results. Facebook and Twitter sell user information on the ad market, enabling advertisers to target audiences based on their specific interests.

Microsoft and Nvidia presented their massive language model, Megatron-Turing NLG 530B, which has 530 billion parameters grouped in 105 levels. Microsoft assists businesses in the development of classifier systems and combines pre-built models into a tool for image sorting and classification. Google Cloud provides a natural language API for detecting entities and analyzing the sentiment of the unprocessed text.

Signal AI sells its service via a web interface and, for more sophisticated clients, via API. They allow businesses to train basic models of what they want to track and then populate a dashboard with both direct search results and information about how sentiment is evolving.

Experts’ Take

“Due to the rise of stakeholder capitalism and ESG focus, businesses are increasingly affected by the actions and behaviors of people and organizations in the world outside of the company walls. With our AI technology working at scale, we provide the external intelligence to help businesses cut through the noise and understand the topics and events that are affecting them both directly and indirectly.” – Signal AI Chief Product Officer Clancy Childs.

“Our External Intelligence Graph takes the world’s burgeoning unstructured content and turns it into actionable insight to augment today’s business decisions, providing organizations with a new kind of in-the-moment critical intelligence. We are able to provide an entirely new kind of data through our unique External Intelligence Graph, and an exciting new chapter in harnessing unstructured data awaits.” – Luca Grulla, CTO of Signal AI