Arize AI, a leading Machine Learning (ML) Observability company, and Spell, a powerful ML Ops platform, announced a partnership giving Spell customers access to Arize AI’s model observability capabilities. Arize AI’s best-in-class platform will enable Spell users to monitor, troubleshoot, and explain production issues in real-time.

The partnership gives Spell customers authority to monitor data drift, model drift, and model performance issues keeping their models work as expected in production.

The major difference between research environment and production leads to big issues for models deployed in the real world. The inputs models noticed degradation over time, and the performance problems that occurred were challenging to handle.

Machine Learning observability helps teams transition from research to production smoothly, thus maintaining the results delivered and assisting teams in troubleshooting problems quickly – without eating up Data Science cycles. Understanding, explaining, and obtaining answers quickly helps build up a necessary trust in the research teams and end-users.

Few key features of the partnership include robust model tracking and logging and easy-to-use autoscaling online model APIs. These are among the best-of-breed platform features that Spell model servers and Arize model monitors provide Spell users.

Customers who are already using the Spell platform can easily integrate with Arize AI.