• UNESCO for the Mobile Learning Week 2020 conferred the “AI Innovation Award” upon Squirrel AI Learning.
  • Squirrel AI learning is the first Chinese company ever to win an award under the theme, “Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion.”
  • The system has enhanced the algorithm-based AI adaptive learning engine with fully independent IPRs.

Recently, under the “Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion” theme, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) awarded Squirrel AI Learning the “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Award” for the Mobile Learning Week 2020. The major aim behind the award was to support Squirrel AI Learning’s role as a pioneer in fostering customized, high-quality AI-based learning patterns.

UNESCO understands the value of this innovation toward the leadership of more equity in education. University College London (UCL), Google, and Tomorrow Advancing Life (TAL) are also the winners of this accolade.

Squirrel AI is the first Chinese AI educational unicorn to adapt AI learning technology to K12 education. The company has more than 2,700 learning centers in about 700 cities.

The company has built China’s first enhanced algorithm-based AI-based learning engine with completely independent intellectual property rights (IPR). The program was developed to enhance the learning efficiency of students.

Squirrel AI Learning system allows both human teachers and AI to work together to offer student-centered intelligent personalized education. The system allows teachers to apply AI technology during teaching to enhance learning processes, including question answering, examination, testing, learning, and exercising.

The system is equipped with deep learning and a dozen algorithms technologies. All the scientists working on the project are from the international unicorn companies of AI adaptive education. Additionally, Squirrel AI Learning has collaborated with the world’s top AI ranking institutes such as Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Institute of Automation, and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It has also established collaboration in technology advancement with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International.


UNESCO is the specialized firm of the US, with about 195 members. The majority of its members are from the field of international culture, education, and science. The key aim of UNESCO is to spread awareness among nations via culture, education, and science to contribute to the world’s peace and security.

Mobile Learning Week is introduced by the US and is a top event of communication and information technology usage in education. So far, this year, it might be the eighth event arranged by UNESCO. Themed “AI and Inclusion,” the Mobile Learning Week 2020 plans on discovering the role of AI in fostering inclusion and equity in education. Thus, the institute of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will improve the source of digital transformation for all mankind.

About Squirrel AI Learning

Squirrel AI Learning is headquartered in Shanghai and was founded in 2014. It is the first K12 EdTech company by Yixue Group that focuses on intelligent adaptive education in China. Squirrel AI Learning is a leading domestic adaptive learning engine based on the enhanced algorithm.