• STRONGARM expands the use of an AI-based Connected Worker platform across its manufacturing operations.
  • STRONGARM chose Augmentir to standardize and advance its audit and QA activities.
  • STRONGARM may use Augmentir in its manufacturing operations in the oil and amp; gas industry.

Augmentir Inc. is a foremost supplier of artificial intelligence (AI)-based Connected Worker platform exclusively used in manufacturing operations by several enterprises across the globe. The company recently declared that STRONGARM installed Augmentir’s software to enhance its quality assurance (QA) processes.


STRONGARM is a prominent producer that manufactures and designs ergonomic and eco-friendly workstations for enterprises working across several segments such as healthcare, life sciences, oil and amp; gas, and food and amp; beverage.

The company was earlier reliant on document-based work guidelines and QA checklists, but with consignments and accelerated growth, this method became cumbersome. Thus, the company chose Augmentir’s software program to assist in digitizing its operational workflows.

The company expanded the use of the Augmentir AI-powered Connected Worker platform across its manufacturing operations, including preventive maintenance, QA, complex assembly, and shipment staging.

“What we really liked about Augmentir was that they are a modern, SaaS-based company that really fits within our IT needs and helped us meet our quality and continuous improvement objectives,” said Steve Thorne, President and CEO of STRONGARM. “With Augmentir, we found a simple and easy-to-implement solution that allowed us to get going in less than an hour, and the results have been fantastic.”

STRONGARM selected the Augmentir program because:

  • Augmentir standardized and enhanced STRONGRAM’s audit and QA activities.
  • Entirely digitized their QA practices.
  • In STRONGRAM’s most complex workstations, Augmentir aided to reduce the average build-up time by about 20%.
  • Using Augmentir software, QA time has been reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, thus reducing QA time per system by about 50%.

“Based on the success of Augmentir for our QA processes, we have expanded the system into other areas of our manufacturing operation, including complex assembly, shipment staging, and preventive maintenance,” Thorne commented. “Augmentir’s AI engine automatically helps identify the biggest areas of quality improvement – this is helping support our organization-wide continuous improvement and quality initiatives.”

“STRONGARM is a great example of how small- to mid-sized manufacturing companies can take advantage of our AI-based Connected Worker platform and get immediate results without requiring the high costs of traditional enterprise software packages,” said Russ Fadel, CEO of Augmentir.

The Augmentir Connected Worker Platform is exclusively used by service and manufacturing companies across the globe to boost continual improvements, advance operations, seamlessly capture tribal knowledge, close the skills gaps, and seize opportunities. The platform offers a set of AI-driven tools to assist the team’s writer and publish digital workflow and instructions. Also, it offers collaboration solution and manufacturing remote support during professional guidance scenarios. Additionally, the program delivers AI-based company-wide intuitions and suggestions that concentrate on enhancing productivity and the quality of frontline workers.

STRONGARM anticipated expanding its use of Augmentir into the manufacturing operations of its ruggedized workstations used in the oil and amp; gas industry.

About Augmentir

Augmentir is the world’s only AI-based Connected Worker platform for manufacturing firms. Thus, it smartly guides and helps enterprises’ frontline workforce. This next-generation Connected Worker platform allows sustainable and rapid digital transformation for service and manufacturing industries of any size. It combines Enterprise Augmented Reality with AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning (ML) to empower the frontline workforce to do their best work.