• TIBCO ModelOps significantly improves efficiency and flexibility across the enterprise with impactful AI.
  • TIBCO has designed a system that puts self-service access to data science firmly in the hands of business users.

In order to solve the most difficult data-driven problems, TIBCO Software Inc., a leader in enterprise data, provides its customers with the tools needed to connect, unite, and correctly forecast business outcomes. The firm announced the release of TIBCO ModelOps, a tool that helps companies to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) models more quickly, securely, and at scale from anywhere to everywhere. Customers can scale and simplify cloud-based analytics model management, deployment, monitoring, and governance, thanks to the expansion of the company’s game-changing analytics portfolio.

“While 92% of firms spent more overall on data science in 2021 compared to previous years, only 12.1% deployed it at scale. To help organizations realize the value of their AI deployments, we’ve designed a system that puts self-service access to data science firmly in the hands of teams, including business users,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president of engineering TIBCO. “This allows decision-making teams to choose the algorithm they want, work from any cloud service, and run it safely, securely, and at scale. This is a bold step to enabling business users to take AI out of the lab and out on the road.”

TIBCO ModelOps is in an advantageous position due to the company’s position as a pioneer in data science, data visualization, and business intelligence to solve the need for speed in deploying AI. This helps AI teams overcome important deployment obstacles like the simplicity of applying analytics to apps, identifying and reducing bias, and managing the transparency and behavior of algorithms in business-critical applications. Businesses can use the solution to deploy and manage model pipelines into production environments quickly and effectively.

All standard model formats, including API-based models in any cloud service or on-premises, are supported by the TIBCO ModelOps solution, which is format-agnostic. With more to come, TIBCO ModelOps claims that it makes it simple to include controlled models into TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Data Virtualization, and TIBCO Streaming. Users can benefit from TIBCO ModelOps’ format-agnostic and open-standards approach by using it in their current contexts.

The product’s launch is the culmination of TIBCO’s significant collaboration with clients and partners during the development and beta testing of TIBCO ModelOps. “As the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker, we have aggressive growth goals as we expand our fabrication capacity. Optimizing the yield of our processes, predicting when problems are about to occur, and fixing them before they occur, is a huge competitive advantage for us,” said InSoo Ryu, technical leader, SK Hynix. “The ability to quickly deploy, measure, and adjust models of any kind – machine learning models, python code, rules and more – is essential to our success. TIBCO ModelOps is the right platform to scale our data science efforts with a more governed, process-oriented approach to data science operationalization.”

According to a recent TIBCO customer study, managing hundreds or even thousands of analytic models and processes is now commonplace for businesses. With full governance and administration features, TIBCO ModelOps enables any authorized business user, data scientist, analyst, or IT user to manage and deploy thousands of models in production. Users can deploy in the cloud or on-premises, and built-in, configurable dashboards powered by Spotfire emphasize model performance.