Tredence, a top AI engineering and analytics services company, is powering innovation in artificial intelligence by launching its state-of-the-art machine learning operations platform, ML Works. The community launch focuses mainly on data scientists, engineers, and analysts and has made provisions for registering and exploring ML Works for free. Its Enterprise launch will follow in September.

Because of the biases in data, algorithms, or the teams managing the department, companies all over different industries struggle to deal with AI projects that cannot make it into production.

ML Works let companies deal with complex ML operations’ challenges with automated workflows, code workflow management, and pre-built solutions to track model degradation. ML Works allows data scientists to change their target from managing machine learning and alleviating risks to supplementing AI innovations.

“AI only delivers value if machine learning models are deployed in production, which is why we created ML Works to help enterprises make the most of their machine learning investments,” said Soumendra Mohanty, COO and Chief Innovation Officer, Tredence. “Breakaway companies across the globe are focused on driving AI-led innovation and faster value realization, and ML Works will help enterprises of all sizes make that leap.”

Tredence created ML Works to scale thousands of machine learning models, minimize outages, and simplify model monitoring based on extensive experience managing multiple AI customer engagements. Furthermore, the platform keeps track of model health to avoid bias and detect irregularities, which can be costly and disruptive for AI businesses.

“First and foremost, ML Works is designed to help data scientists enjoy greater efficiencies without having to worry about monitoring and managing machine learning models in production,” added Sumit Mehra, Chief Technology Officer, Tredence. “This cutting-edge platform will accelerate the machine learning lifecycle, which will be a game-changer in the industry.”

ML Works with different features such as data drift analysis for continuous monitoring of production model accuracy, custom metrics, and explainable AI helps non-technical users with model predictions.

Tredence Studio now holds more than 30 AI accelerators to let clients manage market shifts and turn ideas into solutions, thus expanding its enterprise-wide focus on innovation in artificial intelligence.