TrueNorth, a global fintech software development company, and, a global leader in conversational artificial intelligence for Fortune 1000 companies, entered into a new partnership. The freshly built collaboration between the two helps enhance the process of developing and implementing’s AI-powered virtual agents for banks, credit unions, fintech, and other financial institutions in the US.

TrueNorth acts as a trusted implementation partner for various enterprises in the financial sector to help receive the benefits of’s market-leading conversational AI platform. Using this platform makes it possible to automate internal- and customer-facing service and support at scale at a faster pace.

Henry Vaage Iversen, CCO and Co-founder of, states, “We are excited to be partnering with TrueNorth to demonstrate how our technology can create value for even more U.S.-based financial institutions. With TrueNorth’s pedigree in the fintech space, we see their proven software implementation process as a surefire way for companies to harness the power of chat-led automation, quickly and at scale, staying well ahead of the digitalization curve.”

Leading financial brands such as Santander, Nordea, MSU Federal Credit Union, and over 200 organizations worldwide use the platform to automate powerfully multiple customer and employee interactions daily with consistent resolution rates of over 90%.

The combination of’s unique, no-code approach to conversational AI and proprietary self-learning algorithms allows implementation partners such as TrueNorth to deliver to its customers’ virtual agents that are easy to maintain, quick to deploy, and highly scalable.

Alex Gonikman, TrueNorth CEO and Co-founder, said, “The time is now for financial institutions to upgrade their customer experience to remain competitive, and the platform is leading the charge with their conversational AI experience. This is a great partnership as our team is uniquely positioned to integrate and deploy’s AI-powered chatbots in a matter of months.”

TrueNorth’s visionary leaders and software engineers have mastered a production process that brings products to market in three to six months at a low cost. This uncommon combination has resulted in the successful completion of 120 digital transformations and 45 new businesses built from scratch.