Verint, a customer engagement company, was chosen as one of the winners of the Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Awards. Verint’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) was selected in the natural language processing (NLP) product category.

The Business Intelligence awards program is for those organizations, products, and people who aim to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to life and use it to solve real problems.

To provide its customers with a modern engagement experience, Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, a part of the Customer Engagement Cloud Platform, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Conversational AI can successfully predict what a customer wants, personalize the interaction, and even carefully determines the next best step. This will help deploy a successful outcome across both voice and digital platforms, empowering customers and employees to help themselves quickly.

“This award acknowledges Verint’s continued commitment to AI innovation, and we’re honored to receive this recognition,” says Verint’s Tracy Malingo, General Manager and Global Vice President, Intelligent Self-service.

She further added, “The natural language processing component of Verint’s IVA solution supports the ability of a machine to understand and think like a human. Our capabilities in this area support a wide range of conversational experiences that emulate the characteristics of interpersonal communication, including our latest innovation, ‘Relational Cognition,’ that enables the IVA to find connections between ideas that would otherwise not be connected in a typical system.”

Relational Cognition brings in more humanlike connections and helps to build a better understanding of communication. It gives more power to connect layers of understanding within the context of other related ideas.

The connection of layers within the ecosystem of understanding assures both accuracy and robustness for industries. This requires a compliant-rich business environment such as the healthcare industry that needs sophisticated automation and holds the ability to support consumers in a truly high-touch manner.