• Virtualitics employs AI and big data in a platform aiding business and government decisions through accessible AI.
  • Virtualitics specializes in ‘Intelligent Data Exploration,’ using AI to enable advanced analytics for all.

Virtualitics Inc., a startup engaged in the exploration of AI data, recently disclosed that it has raised USD 37 million in fresh capital to put toward direct and ecosystem expansion and improving its AI platform.

Virtualitics, a company founded in 2016, provides a data exploration platform that uses big data and AI to assist businesses and governments in making decisions with ready-to-use AI. The company’s prior area of focus was data visualization for virtual reality, but in recent years, it has shifted toward more comprehensive AI-driven data analytics.

“Intelligent Data Exploration,” the company’s flagship product, provides AI capabilities that enable advanced analytics for more people and organizations. By automatically identifying hidden patterns in complex, multidimensional data, Virtualitics AI technology produces 3D visuals and immersive experiences that help users make more informed decisions.

Users can submit natural language queries, explore extremely complex datasets, find important insights, and produce multidimensional network graph visualizations using the Intelligent Exploration platform’s AI technology. It claimed that real-time collaboration between numerous users and locations is also made possible by the company’s VR and augmented reality capabilities.

Virtualitics, which counts new clients from the U.S. Department of Defense, the financial services industry, and the consumer packaged goods market, claims to have experienced substantial growth in the last 12 months in both its public sector and key commercial segments. However, it didn’t offer more details.

The Series C funding was led by Smith Point Capital LLC, with involvement from advisory clients of The Hillman Company and Citigroup Inc. According to information from Crunchbase, Virtualitics has now raised USD 67.6 million, including the new funding.

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Smith Point Capital, Keith Block, said in a statement, “The advanced AI and machine learning capabilities behind the Intelligent Exploration platform are completely revolutionizing the way organizations leverage their data. Virtualitics enables deeper data access through an intuitive platform, opening up entirely new methods to explore complex datasets.”

Michael Amori, Co-founder and CEO, added that the additional funding and strategic direction will allow the business to realize its vision of empowering organizations to use AI, data exploration, and prescriptive business workflows to solve complex, mission-critical problems.